Handcrafted candles, soaps, eo's, lotions & potions, crystals, magick and more in a monthly box.

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July’s Mermaid Magic

Jul 10, 2020
Alex A.
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My first box was July’s Mermaid Magic. Admittedly, I was a bit skeptical bc of the theme. I subscribed anyways & as I do with all boxes, I always try out in 3s. This way, in case I don’t like the box too much, I have a chance to get to know the company more & see what they usually offer in their boxes.
I loved this box. It was adorable! I loved the driftwood candle, mermaid mist salt spray & the water element mini altar kit, as I believe it’s important to infuse your own magick into your tools/products.
My daughter stole the mermaid pen & the soap after she fell in love w/ them lol! She’s very exited to try the mermaid soap!

Next months theme is The Elements & I’m very intrigued to receive this box! I think it may be more fitting for my craft. I’ll review that box as well!

Thanks for creating a magickal mermaid experience for me!
Love, Light & Blessings
Lex Lilith

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First box

Oct 08, 2020
Jennifer T.
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Was so excited to get my first box. Loved the candle and the diffuser necklace! Only downside was my Sanderson B & B sticker wasn't in the box.

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Owl & Moon Apothecary said...Oct 08, 2020


Hello! I'm so sorry you did not receive your decal. It is on it's way in the mail! Enjoy!


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