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Lessons, tools, spells and potions from the RitualCravt School witches

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Black Box - RitualCravt School Magic

The witches of RCS will be packing these boxes full of the tools and tricks they use in their unique magical paths. Each box will be curated by a different teacher and will introduce that teacher's work, traditions, and tools. Boxes introducing astrology, herbalism, potion making, candle magic, plant magic, etc are being discussed and designed.

  • Every detail is carefully cultivated, down to sourcing and sustainability
  • Each box contains unique goods and offerings we mindfully curate
  • Each box contains descriptions and a unique back story based on the monthly theme
  • We honor all paths and traditions. All goods and workings received come from a reliable and appropriate source.
  • RitualCravt School is dedicated to working toward a compassionate magical world with a foundation in honoring and elevating the community and the teachers who make Ritualcravt School a diverse and inclusive collective.

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Nov 05, 2021
Sarah B.
1 Review

"maybe things to keep building our collection. i’d rather have info on the items on smaller cards so i don’t have to store a big piece of paper until i’m ready to use it. "

Oct 11, 2021
Megan M.
1 Review

"The October BlackBox is just absolutely wonderful! Thank you for curating such a fabulous box each month. :) I look forward to my shipment every month."

Oct 11, 2021
Heather G.
1 Review

"I love everything about it. "

I’m hooked! <3

Mar 15, 2021
Verified Purchase
Laura C.
1 Review
1 Helpful
Subscribed for 1 month

Absolutely loved receiving this months box. The theme was Dark Moon Lilith. The box came with everything you needed for the dark moon ritual and more!

Past boxes from RCS Black Box

February's Emergence Box - co-curated by Brit Drinnon

February's Emergence Box - co-curated by Brit Drinnon

The theme of this box is 'emergence'. February is one of our coldest months here in Colorado which doesn't quite mesh with the pagan celebration of Imbolc (which, in Europe, marks the beginning of Spring). Although, as our hearts are more that ready, we can begin slow growing seeds indoors and practicing opening and emerging from our 2020 cocoons, To that end this box contains a dressed 7 day candle, awakening tea, seeds and bulbs to scatter outdoors and more.

January's Dreamwork BlackBox

January's Dreamwork BlackBox

RitualCravt School's own Naomi, psychotherapist and dream work witch, created January's BlackBox collection. Naomi has handcrafted many of the items herself including a spell candle, herb bundle, dream pillow, dream oil and, we'll be the first to see her brand new, hot off the presses, Dream Magic Zine. Also included in the box will be a mini dream journal created by The Magic of I and a stunning spell candle holder. This seems the perfect box for January's long nights.

March's Dark Moon Box

March's Dark Moon Box

Astrologist extraordinaire, Leah Samuels, is packing March's BlackBox with Dark Moon magic. Inspired by Lilith, it will include a hand made ceramic 'evil eye', a few beautiful illustrations, a handprinted 2021 lunar calendar from PlanatariumDesigns, three exclusive flower essences and more.

November’s Edgar Allen Poe Box

November’s Edgar Allen Poe Box

Contains all sorts of Poe inspired goodies; a hand turned quill pen, a few writing potions, a beautiful print of The Raven, Poe paper dolls, a raven journal and more.

April's 'Unfurl' - Ritual Bathing Box

April's 'Unfurl' - Ritual Bathing Box

Molly McClellan has whipped up potions galore for April's Ritual Bathing box. She has made tea, a flower essence, anointing oil, and a bath soak for infusing into your tub or foot bath water. In addition she is including lots of info on all the herbs she has chosen and directions on how to make your baths as magically potent as possible. Of course we can't just leave it at potions. We're adding a tea infuser, dry brush and a dressed beeswax candle.

October’s Santa Muerte Box

October’s Santa Muerte Box

Co created with Loretta Ledesma this box contained anointing oil, a retablo by Michelle, marigold sugar, a linen wrapped, hand printed candle and more.

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