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Subscriber Reviews

4.5 of 5 stars
Always awesome
by Stu written 3 days ago
Stoked to drink this Cab
Overpriced damaged
by leigh written 5 days ago
Bottle of wine, dried pasta (REALLY?) shortbread cookies and a beaker that is damaged. WHAT? Sorry, very disappointed. NOTHING in this box I could have, or "would" have purchased
by Peggy written 2 months ago
I am so excited about the contents of this box. I will be using every item in it . The contents are incomparably elegant!
by Emily written 5 months ago
Every box is a new adventure filled with great new luxury products and goods! A fun way to try new things and experiences! There is no other place to receive such great product for what you are paying for the box! Its amazing the new brands I have been exposed to and now a loyal customer to these new products! Look forward to being a lifetime member!
No comparison…my favorite subscription!
by Carol written 5 months ago
Robb Vices is my favorite subscription box - with the most unique, highest quality items included every month. The curation of Robb Vices is exceptional. Every item is well thought out, coordinates with all other items in the box. I've found more unique brands included in Robb Vices - than in any other subscription. Vices - yes... from food to liquor to pampering yourself.... No comparison!
Christmas every time the box arrives!
by Craig written 5 months ago
Robb Vices has created little bit of Christmas (or birthdays for the bold) to be celebrated each month with a new and exciting experience. The anticipation of that special delivery has you guessing which direction they will take you with every gift box. Definitely worth the ride...
Makes you feel like a star!
by David written 5 months ago
Each box has a variety of items that tell one story. The best part is I get to be the star of that tale as the gifts are for me! If you want a perfect treat every month get this. They do an amazing job and do not disappoint.
Exceed ALL Expectations
by Dov written 5 months ago
I have been a Robb Vice customer for more than a year. My Robb Vice subscription has exceeded my expectations time and time again. Every month I wait patiently to see what the masterminds behind the story of the box come up with. I always read the enclosed book and even reorder some of the items. Great company and product!
Truly Luxurious! Five Stars All Around!
by Shana written 5 months ago
Robb Vices is truly a luxurious, one-of-a-kind subscription box. All the products included with each box are high-end, one-of-a-kind, hard-to-find items. You will not go wrong subscribing to Robb Vices. Superior customer service, superior product, and superior business all around---five stars and ten times more for Robb Vices!!!!
Always something unexpected! Blows me aw
by Matthew written 5 months ago
We always eagerly anticipate the arrival of our newest box! There's always something unexpected and lots of "where'd they find that?!" moments. The booklet that accompanies each box features wonderful photography and a terrific insight as to what the products are and why they were chosen.