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The Rockabilly Box

Celebrate the 1950's: Rockabilly & Retro Fashion, Music & Culture

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$14.00+ / month
Product Overview
  • New subscribers will receive their box within 5-7 days, Renewals are on the 15th of the month & boxes ship the 3rd week of every month.
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Rock your style with our Rockabilly Box!
Experience the Rockabilly Lifestyle delivered monthly to your door! Every month the items are based loosely on monthly 1950's themes. This box is perfect for the pin-up lover!
  • The Rockabilly Box: 8-10 Items to include a variety of curated items that celebrate Rockabilly and Retro fashion, music and culture. Beauty, fashion, jewelry, makeup, music, accessories, decor and more,
  • The Retro Box: 3-4 Items to include a variety of curated items that celebrate Rockabilly and Retro fashion, music and culture. Beauty, fashion, jewelry, makeup, music, accessories, decor and more.
  • Additional items include: sunglasses, pin-up accessories, polish, decor, jewelry, and more!
  • Free Domestic (U.S.) Shipping!
  • NEW CURATOR as of MAY 1st! Rockabilly Box will ROCK AGAIN!
Subscriber Reviews
4.2 of 5 stars
Shipping policy not correct
by MeganMoore-Morse written today
I ordered a box a while ago. Waited for u business days to pass as our policy for new subscripters. I emailed them asking what was going on. Waited a few days. No reply. Cancelled a few days later. Still had no reply or a box. My account was charged.
Verified Purchase
Literal dumpster fire
by Erin written yesterday
Subscribing to this box, and paying for 3 months in advance, was a huge mistake. I subscribed on February 3rd, and received my first box rather quickly. When mid-March rolled around and I hadn't heard anything, I reached out to the curator several times and received no response. I happened to check the reviews page and saw that someone else had posted that the curator was dealing with a family illness. This was never communicated to me directly. I canceled future shipments at that time, but I was still owed the two more boxes that I already pre-paid for. I still haven't heard anything, so Iast week I came to the reviews page once again. I see a review from the new curator, with an email address. I wrote to that email address asking when boxes would resume shipping. No response. I went through the "contact the seller" button on Cratejoy and sent an email that way. No response. It has now been nearly four months since I paid for three boxes, and have still only received one box and ZERO emails. The customer service here is appalling. I am formally asking, AGAIN, for either the two boxes I am owed, or for my money back.
Verified Purchase
The Rockabilly Box said...
Erin, We have just taken over Rockabilly Box and were not aware of your previous issue. I will look into it and respond to you directly. I'm sorry you've had a bad experience. Your email went to our spambox. We are shipping Rockabilly boxes this month. Jamie Curator, Rockabilly Box
Not A subscriber yet
by Susan written 5 days ago
Prayers going out to the previous curator. It looks as if this was a great subscription and then a terminal illness was diagnosed to a family member and things got Rocky. As a member of a small family business my ❤ goes out to you. People no longer think about anyone but themselves. That's the world we live in. No compassion, it's just a me me society. Instead many just jumped on here and tries to make a very difficult situation worse for these people. People no longer put themselves in anyone else's shoes anymore. Quick to try and destroy these people's income when they were already going through a difficult time. If unhappy, cancel , but don't degrade someone's livelihood when you don't know all the facts. Take time to think of something besides yourself. Prayers!
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