The Rockabilly Box
A monthly subscription box inspired by the 1950's.

$14.00+ / month

Subscriber Reviews

4.9 of 5 stars
Love it!!!!!I
by written 13 days ago
I love my box sooo much!!! Can’t wait for the next one ❤️
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Love it!
by Bozana written 23 days ago
I got my first box within about a week, and it is full of awesome goodies! I don't know what the actual value of the box is, but it has to be way more than the subscription price. I especially love the headband, the way it is made with the wire inside makes it super easy to use and very comfortable to wear.
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Love it!!! 🌸
by Virginia written 24 days ago
The Rockabilly Box is the cutest happy mail!!! I love opening this adorable box when it arrives!!! It is full of everything vintage!!! The themes are so fun and unique!!! I just can’t say enough about this adorable box!!! Sending many thanks out to The Rockabilly Box!!! You’ve made my day yet again!!!
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Loving it
by Emma written 30 days ago
I loved opening my first box and finding all the wonders of Rockabilly. Everything is good quality and lots of fun.
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Fun, fabulous and caring
by Marissa written last month
I receive a ton of monthly subscription boxes and this one is always my favorite to receive. You get plenty of items each month and they are usually all useful items. The first box you receive is their "welcome box" and when it arrives it is literally loaded down with awesomeness. The woman behind the box is also awesome. Taylor is always quick to respond to my messages. She even got back to me on a holiday. Now that's dedication. If you haven't already subscribed to this box you have no clue what you are missing out on.
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by Jessi written last month
always surprising and always cute! great quality of the items and i look forward to its arrival every month!
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Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries 🍒
by Julie written last month
I have never done a subscription box before & decided to treat myself to one in the new year. After sitting through endless reviews & descriptions of boxes, I decided to go with Rockabilly' s retro hair box. I wanted something that would speak to my love of everything retro & vintage, but with items that are unique and functional. I just received my intro box and I am thrilled beyond words--I definitely chose the right box!!! I got exactly what I hoped for (and more!). Not to mention, it brightened my day when I went to get the mail on one of the coldest days on record in years in New England & after getting hit with a huge snowstorm. Definitely the pick me up I needed. Treat yourself to this awesome box-you won't be sorry!
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If you can subscribe to only one box ...
by Miss written 2 months ago
Highly recommend rocking in the New Year with a Rockabilly box! After receiving my intro box about a week ago, I'm still impressed by the marvelous array of contents. I waited to review, ensuring the initial glee is not temporary and the items are fun as well as functional. With this disclaimer, I'm happy to report the box arrived in lightening speed - do I dare say white lightening?! Impressed at first by all the retro goodies, I find myself not only using the items daily, but looking foward to them. This week, I have been thinking of how much I'd like a particular magnet; shame on me for not exploring all nooks and crannies of the box because there was the very item I had been hoping for, nestled at the bottom of the mug! As others have proclaimed below, I second, third, etc - this is one of the best, if not THE best, subscription box I've received. So go on - treat yourself! You're worth it!
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by Claire written 2 months ago
What a fun subscription box! I was amazed at how quickly my first box arrived and how jam packed it was. So many items for such a low price!!! I can not wait to get my January box... Then February... Then March, and so on. So cute and great quality.
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Love It!
by Jessica written 2 months ago
It's one of the best subscription boxes out there. I absolutely loved everything inside, and was so happy with it. One of the best Christmas gifts I received. If you're thinking about getting this box then you should definitely do it.
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