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Your Farmers Market in a Box, delivered to your door!

$39.95+ / month

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4.3 of 5 stars
by Qatadah written Dec 21, 2017
Made a great gift!
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by Qatadah written Dec 20, 2017
👍 A great gift idea!
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by Dawn written Dec 19, 2017
The soap bottle had broke before I had received it . It was all soap all over everything. I tried to recover the other things that didn't get harmed. It was the shipping the bottle had broke open and had a big hole in it. With everything full of soap. Ye ha
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So hit or miss
by Amanda written Aug 18, 2017
I just found this box to be either PERFECTION or meh. I believe I got two or three of their boxes. The first one was absolutely great, the next one was pretty good too, then the last one I received that I was most excited about (because of the theme) I was totally disappointed by. I felt it could've been done so much better. And I agree, at least in that case, the items were wayyyy overpriced. As another reviewer posted.
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by Melissa written May 22, 2017
I have received 2 Roost Crates, and I have been disappointed in both of them. I feel the merchandise I received did not meet my expectations and was quite overpriced. These are supposed to be local artisan pieces, and in my last shipment, included was a coffee mug which was made in China! I will be canceling my subscription!
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ROOST CRATE is top of the line!
by Anita written May 09, 2017
I've been experimenting with several of CrateJoy's offerings and I can honestly say that at this point, ROOST CRATE is my hands down FAVORITE! Wow! This box was full of quality items...everything was fun, useful and I can't wait until the next ROOST CRATE arrives! My favorite item was an 'om' keychain, that only took me about 2 seconds to pop onto the keys in my handbag. It is really a nice heavy, well made piece!!! Thank you ROOST CRATE! You da best!!!!!
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Great gift!
by Paul written Feb 20, 2017
Purchased 3 months for my wife as birthday gift, She loves it. Unfortunately I will have to continue every month now :-). What have I done! Customer service is great with email notifications and the next month themes. Boxes are shipped on time and are creatively packaged with unique items. Could not ask for more. Great job Roost Crate!
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So much fun stuff!
by Ashley written Jan 24, 2017
I love how this box does a monthly theme! My first box was the "breakfast in bed" theme and I loved it! Even if there was an item or two I personally wouldn't use doesn't mean that it doesn't make part of a really nice gift! I already can't wait until next months box!
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Best box ever!
by Amy written Jan 09, 2017
I purchased this box for a Christmas present and it was so much more than I expected. First of all the value that you get for your money is amazing. Secondly I love the idea of promoting specific areas and including their farmers market items. I enjoy going to my local but most people dont ever get to enjoy others out of area and we then are all missing out on some unique items and foods. And last but not least, the packaging is fantastic and like I said this was a gift. They included a Christmas card from them as well as one from me which I was able to personalize. Overall this is just a really unique and awesome idea and Roost Crate has nailed this whole concept that I am considering ordering my own box as well! Thank yoy so much Roost Crate!
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Wonderful gift - or treat for yourself!
by Tracy written Dec 15, 2016
I initially purchased a Roost Crate subscription as a treat for myself. Each box is beautifully packaged and the items are exquisite. I love going through each month's items and have used everything in the box. I enjoy the deliveries so much that I purchased boxes as gifts for a number of friends, and have recommended it others as well. I have tried out a broad range of subscription boxes and this is the one I've truly loved. I'm hooked!
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