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4.7 of 5 stars
LOVE everything about this box!!!!
by Amy written 2 months ago
Each item in the box is amazing. I've yet to have one that I didn't love. My daughter has 'stolen' items from my boxes (like the Unicorn Body Wash and the lip scrub that smells like cake) and won't give them back. My skin improves with the items within and the box arrives with a HANDWRITTEN NOTE! Who does that now? Great care obviously goes into the products and the boxes. I've used the 20% off discount that comes in the box for several full sizes of items that I have decided that I cannot live without! Seriously, this stuff is a gift to your skin!
Heavenly fall into Fall
by Linda written 3 months ago
Early autumn arrived in this box, with products perfectly suited to help through this oddball season of changing weather. Apple Cider serum and Pumpkin Spice Latte serum both smell heavenly, but work differently. The Apple Cider is brightening and clarifying -- I love it as a serum before cream as well as a bath mask. PSL is sooooo matte -- my skin stays soft with no oil, even after a long day at work. It's my favorite for humid days. Peppermint Water is a refreshing cleanser, perfect for a post-workout quick cleanse in the evening. Finally, the licorice mask provides exfoliation, brightening, and a lovely tightening sensation. My skin felt glowing, nourished, and clean, without being stripped. LOVE this month's offerings. I'd like to add that this company ships their products so carefully, everything sealed, wrapped, and buffered with packing material.
Disappointed :(
by Nicole written 3 months ago
Was extremely excited about this box - I have many subscriptions to other boxes and am always never let down. Although, when I received this box almost all of the items inside had spilled and leaked through the box. One thing I did like were the items I received were nicely presented on the label. I'm sure this company has great products as I've seen the ingredients from items on their website is packed with great extracts and vitimans. I couldn't say the same with the products I received though, as it contained ingredients that don't exactly do well with my personal skin type :( Would recommend buying from the real website!
Incredible products at incredible value
by Jordan written 6 months ago
As a longtime user of Sabbatical Beauty products, I can vouch for the potent effects of these incredible skin care products. But getting them in a subscription box from CrateJoy has really amped up the happiness I experience in trying new and different products every month. This way I can test out new offerings at a great discount before deciding to buy the full-sized version, and then if I like them I can buy them next month at 20% off! Do your face a favour and try out this fantastic box from Sabbatical Beauty, I guarantee your skin will thank you!
by Joanne written 7 months ago
I like how open SB is about the different items that go into the box and how to use it. Great for a skincare noob like me. Though the samples are small, they last for some time, and from there you are able to gauge if that is a good product for you. If it is, great because there is a 20% off coupon, if not, there's always another box of goodies next month. :)
No jokes amazing!
by Tara written 7 months ago
I got the May sub box with the sleeping beauty oil, and that stuff is nothing short of miraculous!! One use and i woke up with no visible pores or black heads at all!!
No jokes amazing!
by Tara written 7 months ago
I got the May sub box with the sleeping beauty oil, and that stuff is nothing short of miraculous!! One use and i woke up with no visible pores or black heads at all!!
Self-Care in a Box
by Lee written 7 months ago
I look forward every month to getting this sub box - it reminds me to take care of myself, and I feel so much better after I try whatever new products and routines that come in the box. But, even better, the products really work and have transformed my skin. The value of the products you get in this box is amazing. If you want to take care of yourself and take care of your skin, this is the box for you.
A Worthwhile Subscription
by Carolyn written 7 months ago
I look forward to seeing this blue box on my doorstep. Each month's samples are thoughtfully chosen to work together, and the included info card walks you through how to use everything. If you're looking for a way to treat yourself with some high-quality beauty products but don't have the time or energy to research what's right for you, you really can't go wrong with this subscription!
Pure Amazingness!
by Kaitlyn written 7 months ago
This is my first subscription box and I LOVE it! Not only do the products never disappoint but the value is incredible. Each sample lasts a month or more so you're able to get a good idea if it's a match for your skin type. The box is such a great value. Most of the time, one sample pays for the box itself. It's a great way expand on your current SB collection or as a way to introduce yourself to the products in order to find your perfect match. Plus, if you love your sample.. you get 20% off if you order that product that month!!! Treat yo self to this box!