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Salty Bath

All natural, organic self-care packages delivered right to your door!

$37.95+ / month

Subscriber Reviews

5.0 of 5 stars
Lots of goodies!
by joanie written Oct 06, 2018
Very happy with the box. Very happy!
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Great variety
by RitaLyström written Aug 02, 2018
Always look forward to this subscription box.
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The perfect pampering experience!
by Tina written Apr 11, 2018
I've tried a lot of different subscription boxes over the years and by far, Salty Bath is my favorite! Every product is useful in the box each month, so I don't end up with clutter or knickknacks that I don't need. I love that the products are made with natural ingredients, which is super important when you have very sensitive skin like mine. Everything smells divine---when you open this box, you close your eyes, take a deep breath, and just sighhhhhh.......<3
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Nice gift to give or receive
by Katharine written Mar 28, 2018
I got the smaller sized Salty bath box. March came with frankincense and rosemary bath salts, a gardenia candle, a rose bath bomb, two stones, an essential oil roller, and a mini grapefruit body butter. The scents were nice and not overpowering. This is a nice gift for someone who needs to relax. Just be careful opening your essential oil, because the rollerball fell out of mine.
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Best bath box
by Claudia written Dec 28, 2017
I absolutely enjoyed opening the box and reading about all the items. I feel you get more than your money’s worth compared to other bath boxes. Products are lovely. I loved the candle and the size was amazingly big. I loved the bracelet and crystals. I’m a ritual bather and this was just what I wanted. I’m glad I subscribed.
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Bath joy
by Deidre written Dec 26, 2017
Just got my first box and am so impressed. Thank you, so glad I got 3 months and can look forward to more joy.
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This makes each bath a sacred experience
by Danielle written Sep 14, 2017
Every bath becomes a spiritual experience - crystals, oils, candles, affirmations, salt soaks, these are all the ingredients for a deeply nourishing self care ritual. Recommended if you are looking to find a way to cleanse your aura as well as your body!
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Love the quality
by Danielle written Jun 07, 2017
I found the hand made essential oil products to be authentic and awesome. The crystal was large and good quality. The extra products I received were a match to the quality of the rest of the box. Everything was matched to a theme. I really enjoyed it, quite inspiring, thank you!
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A perfect gift
by Jill written Mar 09, 2017
Salty Bath is such a treat. Each box that I have received has a special assortment of salts, oils, candles, and more that provide healing in body and mind. The soaks work wonders on the skin and create a sense on inner peace. Salty Bath is the perfect gift for friends and family, as well. I sent several of them at the holidays as a gift of relaxation.
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A Must-Have Item
by Todd written Mar 08, 2017
The Salty Bath provides a therapeutic, reprieve from a busy, bustling life. The product also feels good on the skin. However, this is not just a regular care package. The Salty Bath provides insight into an overall healthy, stress-free lifestyle. The Salty Bath is highly recommended.
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