Salvia Smudge

A Sage Subscription Box curated with Salvia Smudge sticks and Mindfulness Meditation Goodies

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Salvia Smudge Box - New surprises monthly
A Sage Subscription Box! Subscribe to receive a monthly SmudgeBox curated with Salvia (white sage), Salvia Smudge Journal, Matches, various smudgesticks (i.e. yerba santa, palo santo, cedar sage, desert sage, sweet grass, juniper, etc.) and more!
  • Naturally Sourced
  • New surprises each month
  • Handcrafted Journals
  • Positive Vibes Only
  • Quality and Safely Constructed

Sneak Peek

Natural SmudgeBox

4 Smudge Sticks, 10 Matches w/ Salvia Smudge Tin 1st Month receive: 4 White Sage sticks & SBJournal 2nd & 3rd month receive: 2 Salvia, 2 Palo Santo & 1 Surprise 4th month (Every Quarter) receive: contents of 1st month SB All Smudge Boxes come with matches & Salvia Smudge Goodies

Order by December 31st to get this box!



Q: Are these sustainably sourced, being that white sage is endangered? Asked by Morgan C., July 2020

Salvia Smudge answered...July 2020

Blessings Morgan,

Yes, Salvia Smudge sticks are Naturally Grown and Sustainably sourced from farms in California. Everything about Salvia Smudge is Proudly naturally sourced and sustained! Thank you for your inquiry and interest!

Happy Smudging <3

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