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Aug 27, 2019
Dawn A.
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Products not described as recieved. Deodorant was 1/2 a stick of tan colored unscented product. Said lavender tea tree, I know both scents smelled neither! Customer service was abrupt when I asked to return. I threw it out!

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Sam Wish said...Aug 28, 2019

Hey there,
I'm so sorry you were not satisfied with the product you received! All of my deodorants are carefully hand-poured to the top and receive their cream color from the natural beeswax that they are created with. Although each product could be slightly different based on natural variations in ingredient colors (this happens when you use all natural, unadulterated ingredients!). I'm very sorry to hear that it no longer had the lavender and tea tree scent by the time it reached you. My guess is that the heat of summer caused the essential oils to evaporate from the top layer of the deodorant. Usually though, the scent will come out as soon as you use it as it is mixed throughout the entire product....