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Fountain pens, ink, and paper delivered monthly for use in planners, letter writing, and drawing.

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Great customer service, but...

Sep 11, 2018
Alexandra L.
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Saturated in Ink has great customer service and is very professional. I'd never tried a subscription box before, and they answered all my questions promptly and were very friendly. Once I signed up, I was sent an email with more information about them and their website, and when my box was shipped I was sent an email with the tracking number, etc, which I really appreciated.

I am disappointed, though. While the box was packaged nicely, and the items were nice as well, I was really looking forward to a fountain pen, something difficult to find where I am at. I do a lot of writing, and it's far easer to use than a ballpoint. However, when I opened the box there were two calligraphy dip pens, ink, a pen holder, and a notebook (2/3 of which the ink probably won't show up on, as the paper is dark). Calligraphy pens aren't hard to find (or that expensive), and I was really looking forward to my fountain pen. It's not that the set isn't nice, but...when they said "sometimes we include other pens", I thought they meant with the fountain pen, not in place of it. I feel like I didn't exactly get what I paid for, and certainly not what I was really looking forward to.

I'm sure this isn't the norm, but I'll say I was disappointed in the items, purely for the fact that they weren't what I felt I was buying. The service is friendly and...

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Fun items - value matches cost.

Jun 15, 2018
Nanette N.
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Subscribed for 1 month

Got my first box and priced the items on amazon. The value was approximately $17.00. The cost with shipping was $17.77.

I'll subscribe for one more box to see what comes through, I like that it's things I wouldn't buy myself. I'm not blown away, but I'm open to trying it again next month.

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