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Jan 19, 2020
Krystal T.
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Would give 0 stars if I could. I ordered this product from here withing a few days I got a shipping notification which theres no tracking. It says to give them 5 to 10 business days for delivery. I gave them past that time frame and got nothing. I emailed and waited a few days no response. I finally sent a second email with fraud in the subject line. Telling them I've reached out before with no response it's been way past 10 business days and not gotten my product and asked if I could dispute it with my bank since they took money and didnt give me my product. They got back to me withing 1 hour!! Saying normally they'd send a replacement but they're just going to refund my money. Never got the product. I've told everyone they're a scam. dont trust them!!!

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Scented Geek said...Jan 19, 2020

Hi Krystal,
We are a bit sad to see this review, especially since we bent over backwards for you to make sure that you received your shipment after shipping the same item 3 times and claiming it was lost, and we did all this even after we had refunded you fully. We did this just because we wanted to make sure you were happy. So seeing this review honestly was a bit shocking, but I understand your point of view, We wish you the best moving forward.

First box, great, second box, missing

Jun 27, 2019
Rebecca M.
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Update: I got my first shipment just fine but then I got charged and never got my air freshener. I reached out to the seller and got zero response. According to their shipping policy I should have gotten my second box 23 days ago. They were about to charge me again so I cancelled.

First of all, came stupidly fast. Like, within days.
I got the hydra for my first delivery. It smells like strawberries. I assume. I can't really smell it. Which is awesome. I get kind of nauseous the first couple days of some air fresheners. But, after a long, hot day in the direct sun in an unshaded parking lot, my work carpool got into the car and immediately said "why does your car smell like donuts?" Win.

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