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STEM subscription boxes for kids ages 6 to 12

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Subscriber Reviews

4.0 of 5 stars
Loved the eye
by Linda written last year
we had fun!
by Andrea written last year
Received lots of fun little items in the Christmas box
Science Unboxed said...
last year
Thanks - we're glad you enjoyed the box!
Item not received
by Pamela written last year
I received notification that the box was left on front porch, but is not there, please confirm address that it was delivered to
Did not receive the package
by Pamela written last year
Can you trace it and get back with me ASAP or I will contact my credit card company!
Science Unboxed said...
last year
Hello Pamela, thanks for writing us. Your package was shipped yesterday (December 18th) as per our normal shipping schedule, and will arrive by end of day this Thursday. We've sent you an email with tracking information. Please continue to share any further concerns with us via email at Happy Holidays!
by Andrea written last year
My kids loved it! At first I was concerned at the size of the pieces, but the whole point was to build the blocks together to create a giant rollercoaster! Just wow!
Perfect for kids even older than 12
by Barbara written last year
I have a 14 year old that loved loved the roller coaster. Scienceunboxed dont' limit yourself... you can use this rollercoaster for older kids
My kids loved it!
by Michelle written last year
Boys ages 5,6,and 8
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