A monthly subscription box for beach and ocean lovers. Bringing some beachcombing fun to you!

$34.99+ $29.15+ / month

Subscriber Reviews

4.9 of 5 stars
I love my SeaCrate!
by Jaime written 7 days ago
I signed up for the 6 month subscription, and it was the best decision! I love how SeaCrate has supported artisans and small businesses. There has been beautiful art work, jewelry, notecards and recipes just to name a few, but my favorite in the SeaCrates so far has been the Genuine sea glass, pottery and shells from around the WORLD! Chesapeake Bay, Puerto Rico, California, Greece. Now I get to start my collection of 'treasures' that wouldn't be possible without SeaCrate! I Highly recommend!!
Love it!
by Anya written 10 days ago
I'm so pleased with my monthly SeaCrate! The stunning smoothness of each month's glass/pottery haul brings me so much delight. Receiving safely/naturally harvested sea creatures, such as starfish, sand dollars, urchins (that I would not otherwise have the opportunity to interact with) reminds me of the awesome power of Mother Nature!! SeaCrate supports small businesses, ensures the shells (and urchins, etc.) are not harvested alive, and uses upcycled and recycled materials. I'm happy every month! Thumbs up, SeaCrate!!
Beautiful Beach 🌊 themed items
by Sharon written 10 days ago
I have received my first SeaCrate, all items were lovely keepsakes, which I really like!! Items you can keep, either to wear or display!! from different places. I also think they are a great idea for Christmas gifts. Or Birthday πŸŽ‰ gifts. Highly my SeaCrate 🌊🍸🐚🌴
by Sonja written 10 days ago
I've subscribed for the SeaCrate since the beginning and love how each box has a theme! Everything comes safely wrapped and is so exciting to open. The beach at your it!
Love my monthly beach delivery!!!
by Kirsti written 10 days ago
I absolutely love SeaCraate! Even if I can't make it out to the beach, every month I get a box filled with all the fun stuff you get on your beach vacation: sea glass or shells, fun jewelry, cards, stickers, beach lotions, snacks, recipes, and more! Each box has a theme, like mermaids or spa vacation, and the box's contents all go along with the theme. So much thought has gone into putting these boxes together and they really are such a great deal for what you pay. I'm thinking a few friends of mine are going to be getting these for Christmas gifts this year....! Highly recommend!
Very cute
by Theresa written 13 days ago
I was pleasantly surprised with this box. Nothing expensive but definitely unique. Only recommendation is no snacks. I know a lot of boxes put snacks in to fill out the box. Not my thing I guess.
by Brittany written 16 days ago
Such a cute and fun box! There was so much in the box it was like opening gifts on Christmas morning as a kid!
Awesome subscription!!
by Erin written 17 days ago
I got my first crate yesterday and loved it! The theme was well executed, everything was wrapped perfectly so even the reall fragile shells were in one piece and even the non-fragile items were wrapped so it really felt like someone was sending you a gift. It's also perfect for me because our decor is beach/ocean. It was a tiny ocean vacation in a box. Lastly, all the brands were small and new to me, which makes it all the more fun. Can't wait until next month.
Love it!!!
by Tammi written 17 days ago
Omg......i love all my treasures in my Seacrate box!!!!thank you soooo much!!!
Great gifts from Seacrate
by Tracy written 22 days ago
With Seacrate you receive a great unique and one- of- a -kind gifts from individual artists that love the ocean. Whether you choose to keep the entire box or give a few of the items as gifts, the price is definitely worth the attention to detail and great packaging. Love each box!!