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I give it 10 Stars!
by Linda written last month
I give it 10 stars!!! I received my Sea Crate yesterday and I am blown away but all the fun items. As a true beach comber and and lover of all things beachy, I appreciate all that goes into Sea Crate. The Surf Board Resin Bracelet from Betty Belts is made with left over resin. The material is something that would probably be thrown away, and it is turned into something fun and beachy. I have mine on as I am typing and it makes me smile. The shells are always cool. Especially if you are like me and don't get a lot of shells at your beaches. Etched by the Sea Peace Magnet and the lovely Sea Horse Sticker by Mika Harmony = Lovely. Can't wait to try the Sea Food Herbs. Maine is known for its Sea Food. Now I have some herbs to prepare it in a different way. I love learning about new artisans and supporting other folks in the Sea Glass community. The pottery from Japan-From Mottainaigirl, I can't get that in Maine. So amazing. And the Sea Glass and Treasure Bag from Reverse Gem- Perfect and functional. Sea Crate is for the people who love learning about new things and connecting on a higher level within the community of Sea Glass and Beach Lovers. Cannot wait for February Sea Crate!!
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by Michele written last month
Another fun filled Seacrate box! I’ve been wanting something from Betty Belts just haven’t gone around to it and now i have a cool surfboard resin bracelet. I don’t find pottery on my beach like that here so I was thrilled with it may even have someone make me necklace out of it. The bag from reverse gem will definitely get good use. My grandson is trying to claim it as his. Other goodies included too. Never disappointed and i once was missing something and had quickly received the missing item within the week. Love it
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Peace ~ January SeaCrate
by Sandra written last month
Once again, SeaCrate was a hit! Happy New Year 2018! I especially liked this months theme " We can never find peace in the outer world until we find peace with ourselves." ~ Dalai Lama On a snowy and icy day happening here, I was happy to get my SeaCrate. It brought the beach therapyI needed. Which is why I subscribe to getting this beachy delight every month. This months treasures rocked my boat. My favorite was the Japanese pottery pieces, GORGEOUS. The artist took the time to make origami paper and placed the pottery in the bags. Love it. I have a Japanese doll that was gifted to me from my Baa Baa that is a girl beach combing. I have placed those lovely pottery pieces in the case with the doll. The artist resides in Japan. Kudos to Mottainaigirl ! SeaCrate you do wonders for my soul. Peace out, Sandra
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My favorite Sea Crate yet!
by Kirsti written last month
I was so happy to open my SeaCrate this month and find so many awesome treasures inside! I have been wanting a Yoake beachcombing bag since I first saw it and the first thing I did after opening my package was head to the beach so I could use it! Brought home all the treasures and no sand! Loved my seahorse sticker (favorite sea creature by far!) and hand painted Aloha card, the fun surf resin bracelet, and gorgeous shells. I am thrilled that I have some authentic blue and white Japanese sea pottery for my collection, in so many patterns and shades. And, I'll be spicing things up with my seafood seasonings and the recipe in the box. Thank you so much for another awesome delivery of beach magic to my door!
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I absolutely LOVE my January SeaCrate!
by Heather written last month
Each month when I receive my SeaCrate it's always such a great joy! It's like a treasure hunt delivered right to your door! I just received my January 18' box and it's amazing! So many great products were included from awesome vendors! The bracelet from Betty Belts is perfect~ makes me want to go surfing!OMG and the Herbs for Seafood from Blue Crab Bay- yum! There was even a darling Peace Manget from Etched by the Sea. Oh and a huge handful of Sea Pottery all the way from Japan from Mottainaigirl. Also- the Beachcombing bag from Reverse Gem is the perfect size for taking on my daily walks on the beach. Seahorse sticker from Mika Harmony is the sweetest! Even the cutest Sea Shells were in the box- who doesn't love the gift of a Shell? You won't be disappointed with SeaCrate. They make excellent gifts as well. I highly recommend this to all Ocean lovers out there! I look forward to the February SeaCrate! Thank you for a great product!
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Crate Happiness!
by Cindy written last month
January is such a dreary month so it was such a pleasure to get the January SeaCrate. Most of us haven’t been able to get to the beach for awhile so it felt like a trip around the globe to receive beautiful pottery pieces from Japan and the Yoake beachcombing bag! I can’t wait to take it to the beach! In addition there was a gorgeous seahorse sticker, sea glass peace sign magnet, spices for cooking up some beachy deliciousness, shells, and a beautiful Betty Belts surf resin bracelet that will make even the most landlocked person feel like a California surfer! In addition, many of the companies provided discounts that we can use on future purchases! I love that even when you have a multiple month subscription, every month the items are unique and provide a different experience! I can’t wait for next month!
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Too Much Hype and Received Nothing Good
by Claudia written last month
I expected January's box to be amazing since it's the start of the new year and due to all the reviews this box has received. I great up by the beach and know what to expect when it comes to being a beach goer. I received a spice sample, sea dish glass that's less than amazing, a bracelet with the worst string and sea glass attached (I had to break out my magnifying glass to even see it), a netted small bag, a sticker (smh) and shells that are by far the the bottom of the barrel when it comes to sea shells. Not worth the $35.00 monthly subscription since this will all be going in the trash. What a HUGE disappointment!
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SeaCrate said...
last month
Claudia we are so sorry you were disappointed with January SeaCrate, which included an eco-friendly mesh beachcombing bag, hand-beachcombed Florida/California seashells, an artisan handmade upcycled surf resin bracelet, an artisan-made watercolor sea horse sticker, a sea glass art magnet, Herbs for Seafood seasoning packet, and hand-beachcombed Japanese sea pottery in an origami packet from Japan as well as coupons to a number of the artisans' shops and a seafood recipe. The retail value of the items was over $50 and with coupon you paid $31.50 for the box. We would have been happy to work with you if you had let us know you weren't happy with your first box. Apologies again that you were disappointed with your experience.
by Kitty written 2 months ago
I'm extremely excited that I was able to get the December SeaCrate! What an awesome idea filled with so much fun and very creative ocean themed yummys! How awesome that Artisans from around the globe contribute every month. My contribution will be in the January crate 🌊💙☮️🤙😍 Much Aloha to yous!!
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by Dorothy written 2 months ago
Hi Mary, I loved my December SeaCrate!!! I especially loved the silver necklace and the Sand Dollar!!! And also I received the pickup truck card which I was hoping to get! Everything was great. Every month I look forward to receiving my SeaCrate!!! The Seaglass that usually is included and next month a pendant!!! You have come up with such a fun idea! Thanks Mary and Merry Christmas! 🎄🎄🎄 Dorothy
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Loving the first box!
by Terri written 2 months ago
Just got it today and it was great! One small disappointment - the mermaid figurine was broken but I was able to glue the hands back together. Hardly noticeable. Can't wait to try out the Sea Salt Caramel hot cocoa tonight!!!!
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