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4.6 of 5 stars
by JOAN written Aug 31, 2018
I have to say the SeaCrate is one of my all time favorite boxes. Each box is packaged so pretty I almost don't want to touch it, but of course I do to see all the fabulous goodies inside! This definitely is a 5 Star Box + 5 Stars more too!
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by Bria written Aug 18, 2018
Overall a good box. It’s just requires a very particular aesthetic.
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A box of junk
by Julie written Aug 18, 2018
I was very disappointed with this box. First of all, I was expecting more for my money or at least something worth it. I was very disappointed and am probably not waiting to see what they try to give me again😞
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First Box
by Jennifer written Aug 16, 2018
Just received my first box. I'm not sure the value is there. I adored the air plant octopus, but the other items were very cheap & low value. A re-useable grocery bag, that was made of very poor quality material (Dollar Store?). The pictures a lovely, Give it another month.
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First box....
by Melissa written Aug 14, 2018
This is so not what I was expecting.....the only thing if true value is the urchin jellyfish and everything else when bought in bulk is pennies to the dollar.....I’ll give it one more month and then if it doesn’t blow me away.....I’m done and onto a different box to try.
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Octopus Box
by Catherine written Aug 14, 2018
I agree with Aspen and Kathleen about the Octopus box. It was a little disappointing after receiving past boxes. The past(March, July) boxes were definitely worth the cost. This one did not. I do still like Seacrate and will be on the lookout for future boxes.
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Great Gift
by Danielle written Aug 14, 2018
I bought this as a gift and thought it was fantastic. There were always a bunch of wonderful items.
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Not worth the price.
by Aspen written Aug 08, 2018
The candy was good .The customer service was fast. The totebag and beer can holder I could easily get at the dollar store A dried out jellyfish is just creepy. Way overpriced for as little as I got....Aspen
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Loved the August Box
by Raquel written Aug 08, 2018
My first box and loved it, keep it coming.
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August Box a bit disappointing
by Kathleen written Aug 08, 2018
This is my 4th box and I’m very disappointed with the octopus themed items. No description this month of enclosed items, so I’ll do my best. Thin reusable bag, small bag of “sea glass” candy, thermal can holder, starfish decoration, and a jellyfish air plant. Hopefully September will be better!
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