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4.6 of 5 stars
by JOAN written Mar 29, 2018
I was extremely impressed with my very first box that I received from SeaCrate and am looking forward to receiving the next one! PERFECTION!
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March SeaCrate
by Julieanne written Mar 29, 2018
Was the BEST one yet loved everything
March Sea Crate
by Dorothy written Mar 26, 2018
I loook forward to receiving this beach box every month. It brings a smile to my face and love the variety of food items I would have never tried to the sea glass and pottery from around the world.
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Another great crate!
by Kirsti written Mar 21, 2018
I really loved all the cute things from this month's SeaCrate! The driftwood/map boat is adorable and it sits right on my desk to remind me of the beach! So much fun getting treasures from around the world in every box...Irish sea glass in colors of the flag were so much fun! And, I love the handpainted "beach babe" beach pebble. So cute!
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Love Love Love My SeaCrate
by Cindy written Mar 21, 2018
The day that my SeaCrate arrives in the mail is always a happy day! It’s like making a trip to the beach or even a trip around the world! This month did not disappoint! There was a gorgeous driftwood boat from England, sea treasures from Ireland and seaglass and shell pendants from Scotland. There were other wonderful items from US artists. I love how the SeaCrate supports small artists and businesses and also donates a portion of the profits to ocean conservancy! I love the beach and it’s great to give back when I treat myself to this box. I can’t wait until next month!
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Gifted by my team
by Renee written Mar 21, 2018
This was a little disappointing. I was excited when my team at work gifted me 3 months at Christmas. My first seacrate had a pouch of broken old china along with a few beachy things. My team was very disappointed and didn't feel that they got their money's worth. I will say that the March seacrate semi-redeemed the Jan/Feb ones. I did love the beachy bracelet and the other items were also appreciated.
SeaCrate said...
Mar 23, 2018
We are sorry to hear you were not happy with your experience. January SeaCrate contained hand-beachcombed antique sea pottery that is prized among many beachcombing collectors. There have been jewelry, bath/body, accessory/decor and food items in each of your boxes which each had retail values of $60 or more, twice the discounted 3-month subscription rate paid by your team. Every SeaCrate features hand-beachcombed and artisan made products from around the world, supports small businesses, and contributes a portion of our sales to the Ocean Conservancy.
Love Seacrate
by Valerie written Mar 19, 2018
I am over the moon excited every time I receive my SeaCrate! I love how every month is themed with a beautiful selection of treasures! Thank you for creating such a great surprise every time!
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Almost April Seacrate Time
by Sandra written Mar 19, 2018
I have been getting Seacrates for almost one year now, and they do not disappoint. My March Seacrate was fabulous and I was able to take some of my treasures with me on my trip to the Sunshine State. Being landlocked, I look forward to my beachy treasures and now that I'm by the beach, I can really appreciate it. The April Seacrate sneak peaks are spectacular!!!! And its my birthday month, I CAN'T WAIT! The mermaids at Seacrates are totally fabulous, as mermaids should be. Have a beachy day! I'm headed there right now!!!
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Sea Crate
by Lee written Mar 17, 2018
Very nice little beachy style box. Lots of imagination must go into selecting the gifts each month. Most gifts are sweet, but the sea glass I received this past month was more like broken glass. Being a sea glasser and beach comber all my life, I guess I was really looking forward to samples of beautiful sea glass to add to my collection of glass that I label with the person's name and beach it came from. I hope to see more of that. Hope to be able to say hi to Mary McCarthy, as I always enjoy her lectures and buying Davenport glass from her. I see her name on FB from time to time, but can not locate her!
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SeaCrate said...
Mar 20, 2018
Glad you liked your box! For nearly a year SeaCrate has featured beach finds from around the world including Greece, Japan, England and other places and in the March SeaCrate in addition to hand-beachcombed Irish sea glass and beach finds, you received a sea glass pendant from Scotland as well. You can reach SeaCrate SeaEO Mary McCarthy on her Instagram account @marytmccarthy or on Facebook. :)
Lovely box
by Kristi written Mar 16, 2018
100% satisfied with this subscription. Love the items, so pretty, colorful and fun. One of my boxes that is a keeper for sure.🤗😄
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