A monthly subscription box for beach and ocean lovers.

$34.99+ / month

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4.9 of 5 stars
Made for Beach Lovers!
by KayCee written 5 months ago
"SeaCrate brought the feel of salting air, sandy feet and the peacefulness of the sea right into my home." 4.5 Stars!! Review From Echoic Entertainment Magazine
My New Favorite
by Michelle written 5 months ago
I decided to gift myself a SeaCrate box after seeing it on Cratejoy. I absolutely LOVE it!! I have tried and subscribe to many different subscription boxes but this one seriously impressed me. Sometimes the first time getting a new box can be a little disappointing if it's not exactly what you expected but this one was so awesome! The quality of the products is really great and the value is great too. The items are so unique and special, i love it! I subscribed that day and am really looking forward to monthly boxes. So happy I found SeaCrate!!
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Love My SeaCrates
by Roberta written 5 months ago
SeaCrate is a terrific monthly subscription for every beach lover! The crates are packed with super cute sea related gifts! My favorite things are the great smelling soaps and lotions, the unique sea glass from many countries and the gorgeous artisan jewelry! Everything is beautiful, delicious, or fun! If you need a holiday gift for an ocean lover, a SeaCrate subscription is perfect! I LOVE my SeaCrates!
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Beach Vacation Door Service
by Linda written 5 months ago
I love my Sea Crate subscription and love how there is a theme each month. I feel like someone went on a beach vacation and sent me a box of treasures. My favorite is the Sea Glass from around the world.
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by Jenn written 5 months ago
Seacrate is the absolute best monthly box of sea/ocean goodness!!! Such care and creativity goes into each specially themed monthly box. Each month is like Christmas on the day it arrives!
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by Kari written 5 months ago
Just received my first SeaCrate yesterday and it was so much fun to open! I love it and everything inside! Can't wait for next month.
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Sneak Peek - December SeaCrate
by Sandra written 5 months ago
I can't contain my excitement ~ I saw a live feed from Mary Mac and she showed 2 items that are going to be in the December SeaCrate. Wowza !!! If you haven't bought one, now is the time. The December SeaCrate has already rocked me. Sandra
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Perfect gift for my SeaSters!
by Kirsti written 5 months ago
I love getting my SeaCrate every month and this month was just the best so far. Beautiful sea glass from England, cool compass pillow, and adorable manatee tea infuser, cute ring, beautiful blue marble art, and yummy sugar scrub! Love all the little touches and this box delivers so much more than the cost each month. Hope all my beach-loving friends aren't reading this, cuz you all are getting SeaCrates for Christmas!
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Gifts from the heart made by artisans
by Kim written 5 months ago
I have enjoyed opening each SeaCrate box since it's first shipment and every month it is like a surprise gift to myself! A subscription would also make a perfect gift for someone over the holidays!! The November Navigational box was fun, with many treasures to enjoy including the adorable manatee tea diffuser and beach therapy tea, a compass to help us find our direction and beautiful sea glass. I look forward every month for the next surprises and will renew my subscription when the time comes!
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Baby, its getting cold.
by Sandra written 5 months ago
Want to bring some salt life delivered to you each month during the winter season, this is it, SeaCrate will provide the beach therapy you need. I just received my November Navigational SeaCrate. It totally ROCKED!!!. I have been a subscriber for 3 months now and Mary and her staff at SeaCrate do not disappoint. The planning involved with creating each crate and theme is awesome. I have been surprised the last three months. The anticipation is like waiting on Santa on a Christmas morning. The SeaCrate instagram posts are driven with enthusiasm and share the love of the sea, salt and sand. I live in the midwest and go to Sarasota each spring, so this monthly delight will get me thru the winter until I get back to the salt life. Of course, if you are blessed to live by the sea,this crate will certainly satisfy your thirst for salt life. I have been so pleased with the crates I have received each month. They make me happy. We all need to be happy. The salt life is one of the things that make me happy. When I have opened my SeaCrate, I can feel the love, the love of the ocean and the love of the hands that put the SeaCrates together. So indulge yourself with seaside bliss. Follow SeaCrateClub on instagram and see for yourself. You will feel the love. Sandra chopchop001
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