A monthly subscription box for beach and ocean lovers.

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4.9 of 5 stars
Great gifts from Seacrate
by Tracy written last year
With Seacrate you receive a great unique and one- of- a -kind gifts from individual artists that love the ocean. Whether you choose to keep the entire box or give a few of the items as gifts, the price is definitely worth the attention to detail and great packaging. Love each box!!
Love my SeaCrate
by Susan written last year
My SeaCrate arrived yesterday. I love it! So many great treasures inside. I will be signing up for more! I'm so glad I saw your page in Glassing Magazine. We have beautiful beaches in Florida but no sea glass, I was excited to receive some! I will be telling all my mermaid and beach friends about your gifts from the sea. Thank you, Susan
Perfect Mother's Day gift!!
by Ashley written last year
I got a 3 mo subscription for my mom for Mother's Day. I can't tell you how much she has raved each time she received the box. It's chock full of unique, beautiful, interesting, and practical gifts. You won't be disappointed!!
Love Sea crate boxes
by Beverly written last year
I really was looking forward to receiving my first Sea Crate box. I was not disappointed. It truly was a crate that made you feel like you been to the beach. A box full of beach treasures. I started with a 3 month subscription just to see. I just renewed my subscription. I look forward to receiving them every month. I can't wait till my next sea crate. A great gift for anyone who loves the beach, a beach walker, sea glass collector or someone who misses the beach.
by Allison written last year
What a fantastic idea. Great fun for all but especially all our landlocked friends 😊
SeaCrate is Fun in a Box :)
by Dorothy written last year
I had high expectations for the SeaCrate boxes and I want to thank you for exceeding them:). I was not sure what to really expect and it has been a lot of fun and your care in finding fun products and the care in putting them together are felt when opening the box. Thank you!
July's Awesome Seacrate
by Roberta written last year
Well, after waiting and wondering about what July's Seacrate would contain, I was delighted with its beachy contents. The blue Mermaid Margarita recipe and tiny drink umbrella was, of course, where I went first! It's amazingly yummy and made me feel like I was on a tropical vacation. I paired the drink with a fresh fish sprinkled with a delicious sea salt from Maryland that was in the crate, too. Dinner was delicious that night! As I dug deeper, I found Puerto Rican sea glass, a sea star and a mermaid sand painting to add to my sea glass collection. My husband, the beer devotee, is loving the heavy mermaid bottle opener that will open regular sized beer bottles, as well as the larger craft beer sized ones. He left me a sweet note this morning on a sea glass post-it note that was also in the crate. It said, " Let your sea glassing friends know there are even things guys can like in the Seacrate!" Yep, there's something for every beach lover included. I'm looking forward to August's crate already!
Monday Funday!!
by CINDY written last year
I've gotten two SeaCrate boxes so far. And I am looking forward to getting one every month. I've signed up for a year subscription because I am so happy!! Mary, the owner, mails the boxes on a Friday in hopes that most of them will arrive on Monday. Now that alone gets me through my Monday :-) In the box there is an assortment of fun Beach themed surprises!! I am introduced to new artisans, which I'm loving. I highly recommend that you Let Your Mermaid Shine & sign up for a "Box of Beach Joy". Thank You SeaCrate!!
So Far Really Great!
by Roxanne written last year
I've received 2 boxes now and I can recommend this to the Ocean Lover. There is a little bit of everything in the box as the other reviews point out. I want to tell you every month there are discounts to shops that have something in the box. And we've received some things from high end designers. The box, yes it's a box, comes beautifully wrapped and organized. And nothing is broken, melted or out of place. And each month included in the box is sea glass from a different beach area. I can go on and on with my love for this! I don't think you'll be disappointed.
Happiest Day of the Month
by Cindy written last year
The day my seacrate arrives is like Christmas morning, but one that happens more than once a year. I don't live near the beach but it's like the beach comes to me. I'd love it though even if I lived near the ocean. So far we have received some amazing items including delicious caramels, a beach clean up tote, note cards, a mermaid bottle opener, sea glass and shells from all over the world and that's only a small bit of it! It's fun to see posts throughout the month of items that will be in the seacrate, buts there's usually a surprise too! It's an awesome gift idea for a friend but I gifted it to myself! It really is like a mini vacation in a box!
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