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4.6 of 5 stars
by Raquel written Oct 12, 2018
I gave a chance , 2 boxes and nothing to look forward for next month, unsubscribing.
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SeaCrate said...
Oct 17, 2018
We are sorry to hear you are unsubscribing. We were happy to accommodate your billing change request and hope you'll think about returning in the future; SeaCrate makes a great gift. We hope you enjoyed the items you received.
Plant shipping
by Nancy written Sep 06, 2018
I immediately unsubscribed when I received a living plant in one of the boxes. I live in Norway which means that it was shipped across borders, and that can cause serious health risks and could also be illegal in various other countries without the proper paperwork. the box also smelled like death, I can't imagine that the sea urchin shell was cleaned thoroughly.
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A box of junk
by Julie written Aug 18, 2018
I was very disappointed with this box. First of all, I was expecting more for my money or at least something worth it. I was very disappointed and am probably not waiting to see what they try to give me again😞
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First box....
by Melissa written Aug 14, 2018
This is so not what I was expecting.....the only thing if true value is the urchin jellyfish and everything else when bought in bulk is pennies to the dollar.....I’ll give it one more month and then if it doesn’t blow me away.....I’m done and onto a different box to try.
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1st and only box
by Deb written Jun 08, 2018
No sea glass with my bag of sand that had a hole in the bag. Pretty much $35.00 for a long T-shirt and a small bag of carmel corn. The rest was junk!
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SeaCrate said...
Jun 08, 2018
Deb, We're so sorry that you were disappointed in the May SeaCrate, which included - a beach therapy box, - a Sea Goddess body mask, - a beach cover-up, - a hand-crafted sea glass nest necklace - Dolle's hurricane popcorn The retail value of the items in the box was over $78, and with your coupon you paid only $31.50. Had you let us know you were unhappy with your first box, we would have been happy to work with you to make things right. Apologies again that you were disappointed with your experience. Thank you, SeaCrate Club
Too Much Hype and Received Nothing Good
by Claudia written Jan 12, 2018
I expected January's box to be amazing since it's the start of the new year and due to all the reviews this box has received. I great up by the beach and know what to expect when it comes to being a beach goer. I received a spice sample, sea dish glass that's less than amazing, a bracelet with the worst string and sea glass attached (I had to break out my magnifying glass to even see it), a netted small bag, a sticker (smh) and shells that are by far the the bottom of the barrel when it comes to sea shells. Not worth the $35.00 monthly subscription since this will all be going in the trash. What a HUGE disappointment!
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SeaCrate said...
Jan 12, 2018
Claudia we are so sorry you were disappointed with January SeaCrate, which included an eco-friendly mesh beachcombing bag, hand-beachcombed Florida/California seashells, an artisan handmade upcycled surf resin bracelet, an artisan-made watercolor sea horse sticker, a sea glass art magnet, Herbs for Seafood seasoning packet, and hand-beachcombed Japanese sea pottery in an origami packet from Japan as well as coupons to a number of the artisans' shops and a seafood recipe. The retail value of the items was over $50 and with coupon you paid $31.50 for the box. We would have been happy to work with you if you had let us know you weren't happy with your first box. Apologies again that you were disappointed with your experience.
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