Self-Care Spa by Sarkar Homestead

Self-Care Spa by Sarkar Homestead

by Self Care Box by Sarkar Homestead
Luxurious Self-Care Spa box, designed to help you pamper and recharge yourself every month!

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$43.97/ month

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Not worth it

Mar 21, 2021
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The price was not worth it. I got 7 items all very small. March was all mint scents. They smelled horrible. I used the spearmint bath bomb and it left my bathroom smelling bad.

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Self Care Box by Sarkar Homestead said...Apr 13, 2021

I'm sorry that you were not satisfied with our box. We try very hard every month to provide a quality experience, unfortunately not everyone is going to be happy with our box. We try to be transparent with what you can expect while still maintaining some surprise and thus have monthly unboxings on our FB page. I am really surprised that you found the scent so horrible, since spearmint (the main scent in March's box) anything is our top seller. I see that your subscription was successfully canceled after your box was received.

The lotion is the best

Oct 23, 2020
Brianna P.
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First off, I’d like to say that everything in this box smells amazing. The presentation of the items in the box was delightful, all of it neatly wrapped within the tissue paper. When I undid the sticker holding the tissue paper together I could see the lid of the candle, the lip balm and the sugar scrub; I could just see hints of the bath bombs peeking through. As I started unloading the items I did see I found more goodies: the soap and the lotion bar. There were more items in this box than I had anticipated.
Cinnamon Apple Lip Balm: this was the first thing I tried in the box. I liked the smell of it, it wasn’t overwhelming. The texture is very smooth, soft enough to glide on smoothly but not so soft that you worry it will melt if it gets just a few draftees warmer.
Apples and Maple Bourbon Soy Candle: the smell was not only amazing while I was burning the candle but it lingered and for the rest of the day and I could smell it whenever I walked by my classroom. Considering I love the smell of bourbon in baked goods I was incredibly pleased at the fragrance’s staying power.
Apple Cinnamon Sugar Scrub: gently softened rougher patches of skin and left me feeling smooth.
Pumpkin Rum Cake Soap: gives a good lather and my skin felt soft...

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