Seligo Choco Cubes - Bean to Cube chocolate 70 % Unrefined Cacao

by Seligo | Meet the First Bean to Cube Unrefined Chocolate
70% Unrefined chocolate in all its natural glory! Made artisanally in Modica - Sicily - Italy

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Seligo Choco Cubes

The chocolate we make in Modica is one-of-a-kind. It is still made according to an ancient tradition brought to Modica in the 16th century from South America. When we say that we Sicilians, love to stick with traditions we mean it!

  • BEAN TO CUBE - We carefully Select, Roast & Grind the best premiere Cru of Cacao Beans. Then, we minimally process them into pure & unrefined chocolate CUBES recognizable for their unique traditional crunchy texture & bold flavor. Beyond that, sticking with an artisanal process allows us to keep our chocolate natural & healthier.
  • LESS IS BEST - Here's where the magic happens. Through a strict artisanal routine, 14 cacao beans are transformed into the cubes in your hands. According to the traditional recipe, we add only raw cane sugar and a solid spice, proudly keeping away our chocolate from additional fats or emulsifers (as soy lecithin). We use only 3 ingredients, that's it! In fact, other labels may show "70% Cacao", but usually that means the mix of cacao beans & additional cacao butter. Very unnecessary since cacao beans have by nature 50% cacao butter, which is more than enough fat to turn the beans into chocolate. We do not want more fat than necessary in our chocolate.
  • UNREFINED Means More Nutrients - We do not conch Chocolate! Are you wondering why our cubes look rough & have unaesthetic imperfections? Well, we proudly skip the conching process, which can last up to 6 days and can heat the chocolate up to 230°F. The result is a bar of ultrarefined chocolate that looks shiny & feels silky, but it has lost a lot of important nutrients that make chocolate a superfood rich in antioxidants. We may not look as shiny, but we do deliver honest chocolate, as raw as possible! Crunchy because the cold process doesn't melt the sugar. With a Bold flavor because we do not try to alter the natural state of the cacao beans. Healthy because we care to preserve the nourishment.
  • HOW TO EXPERIENCE Our Chocolate - By now, you know that you have gifted yourself the chance to taste the natural, uncontaminated,and enhanced flavor of carefully selected cacao beans. Now close your eyes, put a cube in your mouth, munch it, and focus on your sensations. You will be surprised by the power of one cube. We are sure your mind will focus on the unique rough texture. Then the cacao will hit your taste buds, and the spice will tickle them! A new journey has begun. Enjoy it!

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