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New themed sensory bins each month!
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Sensory bins provide hours of educational fun!

Sensory bins are a great way to keep your child engaged and learning for hours on end! Each Messy Play Sensory Bin is reusable and contains themed materials and props to allow for endless creativity and dramatic play, as well as fine motor development, cognition skills, and much more. Keep your child engaged in educational play while you sit back!

  • Created by a Preschool Teacher
  • Hours of play with each Sensory Bin!
  • 24 different themes available- get a new theme each month!
  • Hands-on and educational play
  • Helps build crucial skills needed for school and life

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Photo of Sensory Bin monthly subscription current box Gardening Sensory Bin

Gardening Sensory Bin

Dig through the brown rice "dirt" to plant the colorful garbanzo bean "seeds!" Make sure you rake the soil first and mark the seed rows with the color-corresponding stick. The seeds even come in color-coded seed envelopes, like real seeds! There are so many real-life skills to practice and build upon in this popular Sensory Bin!

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Past boxes from Sensory Bin monthly subscription

Monster Sensory Bin

Monster Sensory Bin

Bright purple waterbeads and play dough are the perfect setting for creating your own monster! Try designing a monster face in the waterbeads, or scooping out monster parts with the net, or picking out the pieces one by one to build a monster on the table. However you do it, you'll have a blast making and then destroying your own silly or scary monster! Plus, waterbeads are SUPER soothing to play with, and playdough is great for building fine motor control.

Forest Sensory Bin

Forest Sensory Bin

Soft oatmeal makes a wonderful forest floor, and the green cavatappi pasta make the silliest little trees! This Sensory Bin also includes forest animals, pinecones and tree pieces, and gems and ribbon as a river stream. It will inspire hours of dramatic and creative play, plus it's a pretty quiet sensory bin filler!

Dinosaur Excavation Sensory Bin

Dinosaur Excavation Sensory Bin

Bury the dinosaurs and fossils in the cornmeal base, and dig them out carefully! Use the paintbrush to carefully remove all cornmeal "sand" from the dinosaur fossils, just like when archeologists uncover real fossils. The magnifying glass really works too, and cornmeal is easy to make dinosaur imprints in! This Sensory Bin is a huge hit with any dino-lovers and is so much fun.

Magnetic Sensory Bin

Magnetic Sensory Bin

Lentils are one of the most satisfying sensory bin fillers we've ever played with! Smooth, soft, and silky- not to mention the lovely rain sound they make as you swish them around. This bin is filled with magnetic and non-magnetic items. Can you little preschooler identify which items the magnet will collect? And why do they "stick" on? How many items can the magnet hold at once?

Galactic Sensory Bin

Galactic Sensory Bin

Glow in the dark stars and bouncy balls, astronauts, rockets, and glitter pompoms! What's not to love in this out-of-the-world sensory bin? The black garbanzo bean filler is chunky and easy to pick up, building fine motor control and hand-eye coordination. The tweezers and shovel are other great tools for building crucial those skills too.

River Sensory Bin

River Sensory Bin

This River Sensory Bin includes 45g of green and blue waterbeads (3 uses of 15g each- all reusable!), scoopers, a plastic net, and themed toys and props (including river creatures, pretend plants, a foam lily pad, and rocks). Hydrate the waterbeads in water overnight, and they are ready to use!

Alphabet Search Sensory Bin

Alphabet Search Sensory Bin

There is so much learning to be had within this colorful sensory bin! It comes with multiple types of alphabet letter beads in various textures and sizes, as well as pipe cleaners you can string the beads on to, tongs to pick them up, and a high quality magnifying glass. Make learning fun with this bin!

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