Shaker & Spoon
A monthly cocktail box delivering original recipes plus all you need to make them!

$50.00+ / month

Subscriber Reviews

4.9 of 5 stars
Really fun and easy!
by Vance written last year
This was a great box to enjoy with my husband. Since the box didn't come with the liquor we just got what we liked and used the recipes and ingredients from the box to create awesome craft cocktails! We ended up having to cancel because I became pregnant, but that was very easy and hassle free. I look forward to being able to resubscribe.
Thinking Outside the Subscription Box
by Andrew written last year
I always look forward to getting the next box. The drinks are very creative and the recipes provide a lot of interesting details about the ingredients. You also learn some good bartending skills ... I'd never flamed an orange peel before!
Happy mail! Impress your friends!
by Nicki written last year
This is a great subscription box. It's chock full of fresh, high quality ingredients. Makes playing home-bartender so much fun! Super easy to follow recipes that look and taste like a pro made them. I highly recommend to the person looking to get out of the "rum&coke" rut.
Exactly What I Was Looking For
by Kiernan written last year
The themes and the recipes are fantastic! The ingredients are topnotch and the service is excellent as well. I tried my hand at this for a few months before life caught up with me again and I had to cancel my subscription. They haven't been pushy about that fact and I know that when time frees up and I'm feeling crafty I'll be coming right back to start up service again :)
by Pamela written last year
We really enjoyed getting the boxes every month. They gave us an excuse to enjoy new mixed drinks that we would have never tried. They expanded our tastes and lead us on mixology adventures.
by Christie written last year
Our new years resolution was to make more cocktails with "more than 2 ingredients" and this was a great encouragement to do that and expand the number of ingredients we had on hand in our bar. A great find!
by Rebekah written last year
Excellent company with wonderful products! The extent of my cocktail repertoire is rum and coke, so it’s great to have a product that helps me create bar worthy cocktails at home. Highly recommend!!
Super Duper Customer Service
by Dennis written last year
We had a question about the contents of our box, the first one we received in our subscription. We used the on-line chat feature of the Shaker and Spoon web site and got an immediate solution to our difficulty! Way to go, Shaker and Spoon. We were impressed not only with the cool ingredients and great recipes, but with your responsiveness to customers! We are telling everyone!
Wonderful gift
by C written last year
Although I did not experience this box first-hand, the couple I gifted it to loved it. Instructions were easy to follow and all the ingredients were included. They also learned about new and unusual spirits - something they truly enjoyed. I do recommend this box to anyone looking for a gift.
by Michelle written last year
My bf and I are bartenders and I got this as a gift for him and it was a great gift for both of us. The recipes are fun and interesting and really inspired us to create our own recipes with the amazing ingredients in each box. I look forward to making more cocktails this winter :)
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