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SHEclub Monthly
The first monthly subscription box curated for female side hustle entrepreneurs!

$39.95+ / month

Subscriber Reviews

4.7 of 5 stars
Absolutely Stellar!!!
by Amy written Aug 26, 2018
Oh my Lawd, I LOVE my box I just received this month!!! I flew through the book in one day, and the daily and weekly to do pads are fantastic for someone like me who needs to write everything down!!! It is my forsr box from SHEclub and I will continue to get this!!!
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Haven’t been disappointed once ❤️
by Karen written Jul 01, 2018
I have been a member of SHEclub since the release of the very first monthly box. I can honestly say every monthly box gets better and better. Every month we are given adorable supplies to help motivate and support us on our side business. I love the personal hand written notes and the additional online trainings you get every month. SHEclub just recently celebrated their one year anniversary and I am excited to see what the next year of monthly subscriptions brings.
by Janine written Jun 27, 2018
I stumbled on SheCulb on Instagram first, it took me a while to join! But now I couldn’t imagine not getting them!! I’ve gotten 3 boxes so far and I would say 90% of everything I get I’m in love with right off the bag and 10% I’m open to trying/reading or know someone that can benefit from it! Let’s be hoe at boss babes who help others or support others are going places and bags exactly how this box makes me feel! Like I can take on and do anything I set my mind to! Mini treat for my business!
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Excels at Customer Service
by Barbara written May 29, 2018
When the box creator saw I was disappointed with my first box, she immediately reached out for feedback and to make sure I was happy. I am thrilled with her level of integrity and customer service and expect great things from her in the future.
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Happy surprise
by Lauren written May 29, 2018
I was gifted this box for my bday. I'm happy with the box. :) My favorite was the unicorn business card pouch! Also got a nice note inside for my bday - nice touch
I've loved nearly every item!
by April written May 29, 2018
I'm been a subscriber for nearly 10 months now and I love when my box arrives every month! It feels like a real treat. I also love the monthly trainings and really appreciate that they are all in one place, makes it so easy to go through previous trainings again!! As for the box goodies, I'd say I usually LOVE 75-90% of them and like the rest ... so those ones I give to my friends/co-workers (and they're happy to get them!). Win-win! I'm a proud SHEclubber!! (is that a word? haha!)
Verified Purchase
by Barbara written May 28, 2018
I was pretty disappointed at the items, and the quantity of items in the box. These were the equivalent of dollar store items, except for the set of highlighters, which will be rarely used. The box size, compared to another box subscription I get was about 2/3rd the volume. The items are geared towards signing up for their digital products. The experience left me feeling a little let down, and regretting I pre-signed up for 3 months of these.
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SHEclub Monthly said...
May 29, 2018
Hi Barbara! I'm sorry you weren't happy with all of the items in the box. However, I'm so grateful that we were able to communicate in length via email and I was able to provide some insights into the source of the items. I'm glad that we were able to come to a mutual agreement and I'm so happy that we'll be connecting in the future! Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. I appreciate you!
Bad Vibes
by Cynthia written May 21, 2018
I have ordered many different subscription boxes and was excited to receive this one. They took my money happily but I still haven’t received even my first box. When I inquired about it on their Instagram account not only did they not message me or follow up but they deleted my comment. I am still waiting for the crate I paid for and made sure to cancel before they could charge me again.
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SHEclub Monthly said...
May 22, 2018
Oh no! Cindy, I'm so sorry for any miscommunication. I remember your Instagram comment and replied publicly right away but I completely understand if it got lost in the feed. Your box order was placed in between shipments, so the payment pre-reserved the following month's box. I can understand if it felt like a long time between your order and your box shipment! Again, so sorry. I've emailed you directly, let's make this right.
So in ❤️
by Sherita written Apr 11, 2018
I came across this box... and I was like let me try... I’m absolutely fell in love with it as soon as I opened it!
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Always look forward to my monthly box!
by Andrea written Apr 09, 2018
Never disappoints! SheClub boxes are equal parts fun & FUNctional. In love with my office space now!
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