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Bad Vibes

by Cynthia A., May 21, 2018

I have ordered many different subscription boxes and was excited to receive this one. They took my money happily but I still haven’t received even my first box. When I inquired about it on their Instagram account not only did they not message me or follow up but they deleted my comment. I am still waiting for the crate I paid for and made sure to cancel before they could charge me again.

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SHEclub Monthly said...
May 22, 2018
Oh no! Cindy, I'm so sorry for any miscommunication. I remember your Instagram comment and replied publicly right away but I completely understand if it got lost in the feed. Your box order was placed in between shipments, so the payment pre-reserved the following month's box. I can understand if it felt like a long time between your order and your box shipment! Again, so sorry. I've emailed you directly, let's make this right.
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