Show Biz In A Box
A monthly box filled with fun show business items perfect for fans, performers, & students.

$30.00+ / month

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Good customer service but no product.
by Leonard written 2 days ago
Subscribed before the 28th as it says but I never got any shipment. Was told my 1st box was returned to them and they would send another and give me tracking. This never happened.
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by Rochelle written last month
Great box and great customer service! Purchased this as a Christmas gift for my son who is in theatre. They tailored to items that he would like and he was absolutely thrilled to open it. He loved everything. We will be back!
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No boxes. Rip OFF
by Regina written 2 months ago
I am really glad to see that someone is receiving boxes. I wrote a review 3 months ago almost 4 months now...shy of a few was my first box... It was let me say the bomb...which I stated in that review. It was everything I could hope for. The 2nd month there wasn't really anything in the box movie wise I could relate to. A citizen Kane movie.... No up to date movies in either box. I didn't receive anything in October nor November. It is now the 20th of December and still nothing. I paid up front for 6 months. At this point I do in fact believe my money has been taken. I feel very much ripped off. Keep your money in your pocket people.
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Show Biz In A Box said...
2 months ago
We are sorry to hear that any customer is unsatisfied with the content of our boxes, and/or their delivery schedule, and apologize if they feel that we've fallen short or let them down. Our goal is to provide a good experience for everyone. If there is ever any delay in shipping, or a missing item from a vendor, we immediately let our customers know (which this reviewer acknowledged in their post.) As for the particular missing boxes referenced in the review, two of them were sent back to us (almost a month after shipping them out) because they were rejected by the USPS. Not sure why. We ship by media mail, which is limited to books, CD's and blu-rays, to keep customer costs down. These boxes fit that criteria, yet came back asking for more postage. As soon as we got them, we notified this customer of the situation and immediately shipped out two new boxes to them (with extra items) by Priority Mail. Each month, our boxes have a different show business theme. This customer's first month was themed to the works of Stephen King, and they seemed to enjoy that. The next month was "Classic Hollywood," which featured blu-rays of "Jaws" and "Citizen Kane", along with books about movie making and show business. They notified us that they weren't a fan of films made before 1990, so we made note of that on their customer profile and ensured that their next two boxes (Harry Potter themed and Christmas themed) had newer blu rays included. We make a genuine effort to please all of our customers, but when we are shipping out so many boxes each month and buying blu-rays in bulk from vendors, it's not always possible to make boxes specifically designed for just one customer. If there is a ever a problem with shipping, we always notify our customers as soon as the problem occurs, so they are not left wondering what happened, or if they are ever going to get another box. We sincerely apologize if there was any confusion in this case. We thank the reviewer for letting us know, and also thank them for being a loyal customer. - Show Biz In A Box
Perfect for movie lovers.
by erin written 2 months ago
Love this box! No spoilers means you get the ultimate monthly surprise gift....the best kind of surprises- creative, fun, useable items. Abyone who likes movies will appreciate this box.
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Over the top subscription.
by Regina written 5 months ago
I am so excited and utterly amazed with this subscription service. I am subscribed to many different services. This service is by far the best one I have. They care about their customers and aim to please. I am so excited to see what the future boxes have in store for me. Communicate with them about your interests and they try to please you. I received movies , candy, a keychain, a book, a movie notepad, an activity book. Everything I got from my box I squealed with delight over and let me add I am 47 years old. So there is something for everyone if you're into movies. Thanks Show biz in a box we are going to be friends for a long time.
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The Best Box
by Allyssa written 6 months ago
This months box was themed Walt Disney and the Walt Disney Company. In the box I had the movies The Legend of Lobo, Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides, Fantasia/ Fantasia 2000. The book Who Was Walt Disney? Also, a Tink calendar, cards, notepad, jelly beans, Mickey figure, and a Mickey Mouse & Friends Stationery Set! This box is the best for any movie lover, I would recommend it to anyone!
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Perfect box for movie lovers
by Tarshica written 6 months ago
You get a couple of dvd's that go a long the month theme which July's box was Walt Disney so I got a classic "The Brave Little Toaster" and "The great Oz"(never seen this before). Plus I got a book about Walt Disney, Minnie Mouse jelly beans, Mickey Mouse toy, Disney princess calendar, finding memo pencil kit. There's something in the box for everyone.
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Love it!
by Rebecca written 6 months ago
Just got my box today and it's Walt Disney themed...I Love it!! Can't wait to see what's in next month's box
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Calling all movie lovers!!!
by Natasha written 10 months ago
If you love movies and all the cool things Hollywood then this box is for you!! You get critically acclaimed movies on Blu-ray and DVD, cool fan art, the best movie candy boxes and so much more! I was quite delighted when I got this box and am so looking forward to each and every box!!
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