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4.7 of 5 stars
only on first month but it's great!
by Adam written 6 days ago
My mom and I love tea so this seemed good to try.I was surprised with the large quantities you get off each tea and the info included. Definitely resubscribing.
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Loose leaf teas
by Irena written Apr 24, 2018
Simple Loose Leaf teas are great quality teas. A big hit. Only could we get a few more teas in the set. Excellent
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by Barbara written Apr 17, 2018
Unique blend but very small quantity. Only enough to make one cup of tea pure pouch. Expected enough for a couple of cups per sample so I could share.
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Simple Loose Leaf Tea said...
Apr 18, 2018
Hi Barbara, Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Each of the tea pouches has 10 grams of tea which should be enough for at least 5 cups of tea, most teas you will be able to brew more than once, getting even more out of each pouch of tea. If you think your pouches ended up being light, let us know at and we’ll get you taken care of with some replacement pouches of tea. Thanks, Andrew Flocks
by Brandie written Apr 07, 2018
I look forward to this box every month. Good tea, and very affordable. I have loved many of the samples. There have been a couple I didn't really like, but that's to be expected. Still a great way to figure out what you really enjoy. I won't be cancelling any time soon.
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by Caitlin written Mar 27, 2018
My sister gave me this as a holiday gift, and I have absolutely loved it! I used to prefer coffee over tea, but after trying all the different kinds that Simple Loose Leaf has to offer, I am a FULLY converted tea-lover.
Just right!
by Meghan written Mar 26, 2018
I gave my parents a subscription to Simple Loose Leaf Tea for Christmas, and it's been a huge hit. They love trying the different kinds of tea, and the fact that a decaf subscription was available was a big bonus. I just re-upped their subscription for another three months.
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It was ok
by Cary written Mar 04, 2018
I mean.. it wasn't bad. There was one tea that I really liked but the others were just meh. Wouldn't get it again.
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Simple Loose Leaf Tea said...
Mar 05, 2018
Hi Cary, we're sorry to hear that Kristina didn't enjoy her month of our Decaf Tea Box. We'd love to hear which of the teas she enjoyed and what she didn't like about the other three. It would help us to better understand what our customers enjoy. But it is also important to remember that Simple Loose Leaf is ultimately about exploring teas and that, sometimes, finding teas that aren't "Your cup of tea" is as much the journey as finding new favorites. If you have any questions or thoughts please reach out to us at
by Spencer written Mar 03, 2018
Honestly, I love getting my Loose Leaf box! The teas are amazing, I like getting to read a little bit about them, and I like their packaging partnership. I'm leaving 5 stars because I'm happy with the product, but I do have a major suggestion--find some way to make the packaging recyclable! I hate that it's single-use and when my subscription runs out I will likely not renew unless the packaging changes--I just can't justify it.
Simple Loose Leaf Tea said...
Mar 05, 2018
Hey Spencer, thanks for the great review! And did you know that while the kraft pouches we use for our tea are not biodegradable, required by the FDA for food packaging, they are recyclable. They are mostly food grade plastics and foil that can be easily processed by a recycling facility. And if your area doesn't have the infrastructure in place for recycling, this pouches are still much better for the landfill, compared to other containers, since they pack down so small that over the life of the landfill they would require less new landfill area to be created. We just thought you, and others, might find this interesting! If you have any other suggestions please don't hesitate to email us at or text us at 479-259-1677.
by Jessica written Feb 24, 2018
The variety is great and the curration is interesting.
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Fun and delicious
by Jessica written Feb 14, 2018
Got my first box the other day, definitely pleased! I got a nice variety of different types, with caffeine levels listed, nice simple packaging, a few empty tea bags. I love trying new teas and this was a fun and affordable way to do it.
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