Simple Loose Leaf Tea
You should always have amazing tea in your cupboard. Your tea ships on the 1st of the month!

$9.00+ / month

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4.7 of 5 stars
Fun and delicious
by Jessica written 8 days ago
Got my first box the other day, definitely pleased! I got a nice variety of different types, with caffeine levels listed, nice simple packaging, a few empty tea bags. I love trying new teas and this was a fun and affordable way to do it.
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by Jessica written 9 days ago
The variety is wonderful! Highly recommended
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Love this subscription
by Jory written 9 days ago
I am on my second round of the three month subscription and I don't intend to cancel it any time soon. The box is sturdy and always ships in tact. They give a few mesh tea bags with every box which I like as a means to share tea with those I think will like it. I have many different home steeping options as I am sure most people with a loose tea subscription would. The tea is always varied with at least two samples I absolutely love and others I'm excited to try and have in my cupboard for just the right moment. I also love that they give you a small informational packet with each tea shipment. I could go on to say I love the ethics of the company, I love the 50% off discount you get while subscribed, etc. It's just an all around great product for a great price.
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Love it
by Raven written 13 days ago
This has really opened me up to new teas and while some may not be to my personal taste, I'm glad I got to try them. I found new loves and can't wait to find out what else is coming.
by Lillia written 14 days ago
Great variety of teas! Really love this monthly Box — would love a few more tea bags with the box...
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by Mary written 14 days ago
My family is enjoying the lovely selection of teas (something for everyone!) and I am loving the serenity of having a family tea time on weekends! I will admit we had a rocky start, our first package was lost twice, BUT, the recovery process was handled so sweetly...these are good people with GREAT tea!!!
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Best Subscription Box Ever!!
by Denise written 14 days ago
I have tried a lot of subscription boxes. This one is by far the best. Great quality and variety at a super great price!
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by Stephanie written 14 days ago
I love this so much! Definitely worth the 10 bucks a month
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Really Nice quality tea
by heather written 14 days ago
This is definitely worth the price. All different types of tea and tea items such as silk tea bags, and tea balls. Good quality tea not the cheap junk you buy in the store.
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Tea Lover
by Lauren written 14 days ago
I couldn't ask for a better subscription!
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