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Gift for a friend...
by Amanda written Aug 09, 2018
She sent me photos of the selection and it looked wonderful. Nicely packaged, good portions--a win!
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Rip off
by Marty written Jul 23, 2018
Purchased this and one other subscription as gifts for my mother. The other one finally came and still waiting for the loose leaf tea. Was charged 2 months ago but no product has arrived. Stick to companies like Ipsy,Birchbox,Justfab who hold standards and customer satisfaction and service to high standards. Along with many others I will be making a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau since after making multiple inquiries to simply get what I paid for with zero response it is bad enough if it was just for myself but an absolute embarrassment when its purchased as a gift for someone.
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Simple Loose Leaf Tea said...
Jul 23, 2018
Hi Mrs. Klein, thanks for taking a moment to leave your thoughts. I think there has been some confusion with your membership. Looking at when you joined, about 3 weeks ago, Sandra's 1st tea box is scheduled to go out on August 1st. The other box you mention is different merchant on the Cratejoy Marketplace and we don't have any association with them or the product they represent. If you have any questions about your membership or the shipping schedule please reach out to us at or you can text us at 479-259-1677. I look forward to hearing from you soon! Have a wonderful day. Thanks, Andrew Flocks
by Oscar written Jun 26, 2018
good tea very good.
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by Shelley written Jun 17, 2018
I was extremely happy with my box. The tea looks and smells amazing!
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I got this for my sister...
by Cheri written Jun 14, 2018
She absolutely loves it. Thank you guys for such a great selection of tea.
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Not my cup of tea
by Debra written Jun 12, 2018
I love tea, and I really wanted to love this box. The bags were a bit smaller than I expected based on the pictures, with .3 oz/10 grams in each bag. There was a handy card explaining the flavor profile of each tea along with brewing instructions. However the instructions on the card said to brew one of the teas for 3-5 min. but the bag said 5-10 min. I tried both and 5-10 min. worked best. The directions also say to use two tsps. per cup, which would yield about 5 cups per bag, but I found that I needed to use more or the tea was really weak. My first box contained Earl Grey, Irish Creme, Summer's Chai, and Atoqua Herbal. Earl Grey is a favorite of mine, but this didn't taste like a traditional Earl Grey. The Irish Creme had Irish Creme "flavoring" in it and tasted like coffee creamer. The chai was different from a traditional chai with the addition of shredded coconut. I don't care for chai teas so its not fair for me to render an opinion on this one. The Atoqua Herbal was my favorite. It's made with cranberries, blueberries, orange and lemon peel, hibiscus, and rose petals. It also has raspberry, orange, and lemon "flavorings" but it doesn't say whether they are natural or artificial. This tea had a slightly medicinal aftertaste that dissipated when I added sweetener. I would order this tisane again. Unfortunately, one out of four is not sufficient justification to continue my subscription at this time. I calculated today as the last day to cancel my subscription, but when I went on line to do so, I saw that I had already been billed for another shipment as of yesterday! I would still recommend that you give this box a try. Some thought went into creating these 'out of the box' flavor combinations and they're a nice departure from a straightforward green or black tea. For the money, it's definitely worth a try. Everyone's tastes are different. You never know what delicious treasure you might discover! Happy Sipping!
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Wow! Awesome box, awesome tea!
by Johannah written Jun 05, 2018
My first box arrived yesterday and I'm 100% thrilled with it! They sent 4 teas from the different categories of tea (herbal, green, oolong, black) that were aromatic variations of classic teas, which is a great idea for a first box. The vacuum-packed resealing bags have a generous portion of each tea. The packaging contains details about the teas, their origin, proper brewing instructions (with temp & time) and country of origin. I loved discovering how much more flavorful these teas are when made "fresh" ... no more fossilized tea bags for this girl!! Highly recommended for anyone, tea novice to afficionado. Prepaid for 3 months and will definitely continue. Now, excuse me while I brew some more tea!
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by BRANDI written Jun 05, 2018
This first box was such a surprise. The Genmaicha was my favorite. This is the first loose leaf tea ever. The Blood Orange Herbal smells so good I left some in a sweet little bag (that was nicely included in the box) as an inhalent. I'm very happy😁
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Not happy
by Maria written May 27, 2018
I honestly thought that the tea was going to be something different from something I could get at the grocery store but no they just package it themselves. Also the bags are a horrible idea. Since you keep sending tea why not send a reusable tea infuser with the first order because it sucks to keep rewashing the reusable bags, the tea gets stuck to the bag and I just feel like throwing it away. I wasn't happy with the flavors or how everything was packaged.
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Simple Loose Leaf Tea said...
May 28, 2018
Hi Maria, thanks for your feedback. We appreciate that you were willing to take the time to share your thoughts. I'm sorry you had trouble with the tea filters. The simplest way to clean them is to turn them inside out and rinse them under cold water for a few seconds. If you have any other feedback that we can use to improve Simple Loose Leaf, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at or text us at 479-259-1677. Have a wonderful day.
Never dissatisfied
by Shannon written May 22, 2018
Amazing teas everytime. The variety is well worth the wait.
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