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Jul 20, 2019
Gina G.
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I really dont like leaving negative reviews but I was really disappointed. I theres no way I could even re-gift the jewelry. 1st off let me say the design was really nice it's the materials I have an issue with. The type of metal that was used is very cheap and I would be afraid to wear the earrings. The care instructions for the jewelry stated not to use lotion or perfume while wearing. I have never seen that before. I imagine it would turn brown. I'm sorry I have to leave such a review but I dont think it would be safe to use the earrings. Sry.😔

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Simple Statement Jewelry Co. said...Jul 20, 2019

Hi Gina! I'm sorry you did not like your pieces. The jewelry is costume jewelry and not sterling silver or gold plated which is reflected in the price. Costume jewelry is not supposed to get wet or have lotions or perfumes applied directly to the jewelry to deter the pieces from tarnishing.

Taylor 💕💎💕

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