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A lingerie delivery service, styled just for you!

$19.00+ / month
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  • Your box will ship at the end of every month. Please order by the 15th to get the current box.
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime

A lingerie delivery service, styled just for you!

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Owning nice lingerie is now affordable with SkivvieBox! We are committed to providing beautiful, high-end pieces from our carefully curated partners. We feature brands that take a timeless approach to both quality and craftsmanship. Choose your size, color preference, and tell us your unique style- and we will send you lingerie pieces each month that are designed specifically for you!
  • Major brands like Blush Lingerie, Betsey Johnson, On Gossamer, Thirdlove, Kensie, Le Mystere', Rose & Petal and more!
  • Skivvie Undies Box: 2 pairs of panties each month
  • SkivvieBox: Over $100 worth of designer lingerie
  • Fit Guarantee

Subscriber Reviews

Hit or miss

by Danielle, Apr 10, 2018

I subscribed to this box for a couple years or so, and the qulaity seemed to be a bit irregular. Also it seemed like I would get my box different random times. There were some boxes I would get that were off size quite a bit, and they seem to want to accomodate with a replacement, but that part of their concept im not sure if they know what to do for exchanges. I got tired of watching my back, so I wasnt put on the backburner. I think they probably owed me a couple boxes by the time I canceled, but it wasnt worth the concern to go about contacting them and suggesting to them how I thought I should be compensated. Id already paved that road a couple times before, and I guess I wasnt sure either because they dont really have an online boutique of items to look at or pick from. The boutique they show on their page might just be a catalog of stock images of pantyhose and stockings. I dont think you can really purchase them and I dont think theyre worth considering anyhow, theres really no selection (if thats what they like to call it). I got a few gems thru this subscription tho, some boxes were great! Its not really worth it tho honestly. Its a job in itself to make sure you arent screwed over, whether its intentional or not on their end.

Verified Purchase

by Athena, Mar 03, 2018

I was looking forward to getting this box after reading the great reviews. It took over a month before receiving my first box and was charged again before getting it. I got two pair of bad quality Grandma panties finally after waiting over a month. They fit weird and are not cute. I expected a set. My next one is in the mail hopefully it’s better if not cancelling.

Verified Purchase

by Scott, Feb 21, 2018

My husband loved the corset and matching panty. Just need the sexy thigh highs to go with!

Verified Purchase
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