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Disregard last review
by Stacey written Jan 11, 2018
I'd like to take back my last review. The company has gone above and beyond to make things right. They were extremely easy to communicate with and I can understand with the blizzard we had and mail being held for 3 days , perhaps the box was crushed in transit. Because of how kind and easy they are to deal with I will be purchasing another box. Accidents happen!
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Gold mine for this artist
by Hannah written Jan 10, 2018
I'm a visual artist in the entertainment industry, and, as someone for whom a working knowledge and study of animal anatomy is an important of my job, this box is AMAZING. I've only used my skulls/bones for still life reference so far, and look forward to projects where I can use them as sculpting reference as well. Incredible value and awesome pieces, looking forward to building my collection!
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first- not the last
by Marg written Jan 10, 2018
I am really impressed! Beautiful skull! Thank you!
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Love my first Bone Box
by Lori written Jan 09, 2018
Took my time gentling opening the box, everything was wrapped so carefully. I love the playing cards with 54 different skeletons on them, and the Coyote Canine teeth are awesome, then I lifted a total prize from the box, a European Rabbit Skull, it's a fantastic addition to my collection. Excellent quality, now I have to wait until February for the next one. Can Skulls Unlimited International, Inc do Bone Box weekly :D This is a terrific subscription.
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Beautiful skulls
by Alyx written Jan 09, 2018
The quality at Skulls Unlimited is fantastic. These boxes are great if you're looking to start your collection, or rounding it out with a few smaller/common skulls. The latest box had a gorgeous rabbit skull and 2 coyote claws. My only issue is with the third item. This time it was playing cards. I'm more in this for the bones than the paper ;) However, the quality is superb and you definitely get your money's worth in one skull.
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1st box
by Jesse written Dec 26, 2017
My 1st box came with a sharks jaw I like a lot also a mole skull I like but (Hope next month's skull is bigger) got some owl fescis didn't search what they eat but cool idea for some... after all I liked first months but looking forward to next month's :) bigger skull for bigger rating
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Exactly what I was expecting
by Jessica written Dec 13, 2017
I received a delightful box including a complete shark jaw, mole skull, and owl pellet - also a ticker, educational materials, and magnifying glass. They are a fantastic company in their own right and this bone box subscription is a magical treat.
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I could not be happier
by Fiona written Dec 13, 2017
I have received two boxes at this point and I am overjoyed. The first box was a raccoon skull with a bonus bobcat claw. It was a great introduction. This second box was extensive. A mole skull, inside a protective plastic box. A shark jaw. And an owl pellet with a magnification device and instructions on the best way to dissect the pellet and extract the bones inside. If you know someone that is interested in biology or weird collectibles, definitely give them this box as a gift.
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Wonderful deal!
by Misha written Nov 12, 2017
Let me say this is a wonderful box and thought I was just testing it I plan to subscribe again later on. The skull is beautiful and unique and I love the little bonus. My skull did have a small break but I was not bothered at all, bones are fragile after all. Either way it's a wonderful box and if your thinking about giving it a try do so cuz it's a perfect deal!
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So Happy This Exists!
by Esmeralda written Nov 06, 2017
I love my BoneBox subscription- these guys are great. Exceptional customer service, amazingly high quality and beautifully curated content that is a joy and a delight for an oddball like me to receive. I can't wait for this month's box. In a world full of LootCrates, Be a Bone box! Hahah!
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