Sleuth Kings

Immerse yourself in an interactive monthly mystery. Work with our Lead Detective to solve the case.

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Product Overview
  • Subscription deadlines are the last day of the month. Case files ship by the 4th of each month! FREE US shipping! If you subscribe between September 1 - 30, your first case will ship on October 4th.
  • Only ships within United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Uncover evidence, crack codes, and solve the case.
We send new case files full of clues, evidence, and puzzles directly to your door each month. Once you receive your case file, you'll be able to work with Lead Detective Sullivan King to uncover additional evidence that will bring you another step closer to solving the case. Each mystery is stand-alone and perfect for 1-4 sleuths.
  • Features a new, stand-alone mystery each month!
  • Interact with Lead Detective Sullivan King to uncover additional evidence.
  • Receive a physical case file full of clues.
  • Great for parties or date nights!
  • Work at your own pace. Each investigation takes approximately 2 - 3 hours to solve and can be done alone or in a group.

Sneak Peek

Case 025: The Haunting

Renea Evans' dream home suddenly became a nightmare when she began seeing apparitions and receiving terrifying messages. Convinced that her new home is haunted, she's asked Sullivan to investigate. If he can figure out the ghost's identity, Renea hopes that she can make it move on before she loses everything she’s worked for. Can you help Sullivan get to the bottom of the ghost's otherworldly messages before Renea is forced to abandon her home? Sign up to find out!

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Q: Do you need the Internet to solve the cases?Asked by Zayani M., June 2019

Hi Zayani,

Since you work with the detective via email, you do need an Internet connection as well as an email account. Some cases also include websites that you'll have to visit. That said, you will never need to use Google or any other web resource that isn't a part of the case.

by Brandon J., June 2019


Q: Is each month a case that can be solved without the next box? There is another subscription that is similar and you have to get 6 boxes to be able to solve the case.Asked by Shelly G., September 2019

Hi Shelly,

That's a great question - thank you for asking!

All of our cases are stand-alone, so you'll get a new, independent mystery to solve each month.

by Brandon J., September 2019


Q: Thank you for answering my prior question. How early would I need to order for this to be a Christmas gift or can I order now and not have it start until December?Asked by Shelly G., September 2019

Hi Shelly,

I'm happy to do my best to accommodate your gift-giving needs! As long as you order before the last day of November, we'll get your case shipped out on December 4th so that it arrives before Christmas.

Of course, if you want to order now and would prefer that your first shipment is delayed until December 4th, I'm happy to do that as well. Please feel free to send me an email once you've ordered and I'll be happy...

by Brandon J., September 2019


Q: Is this a good game box for couples to play together or is it better for individuals?Asked by Toni A., August 2019

I typically do a group of 3 people, and we pass around puzzles. We've also found out that we're all good at different types of puzzles (language, math, visual, etc), so it works out well. So I think that it would be perfect for the two of you. We've tried 4+, but then people start getting left out or can't focus.

by Yu-ling W., September 2019

I do mine alone but that's only because my family doesn't like these kinds of things. If your partner is into this kind of thing then it should be fun.

by Anna M., August 2019

My husband and I do this box together though it would be equally fun to do on your own. SK is probably not the best box to do with a large group but it's great for 1 to 4 people!

by Donna D., August 2019

I'd say it's a bit better individually on some of the sub-puzzles, but you can totally play it as a couple. Just keep in mind you'll have to answer and receive follow-up emails jointly.

by Adam F., August 2019

I typically work these by myself but I have friends who also subscribe who work together as a couple. The nice thing about two people working these games is if one of you gets stuck on a clue, you have two sets of eyes and can brainstorm on the solution. I have gotten stuck a few times and had to look at hints, but my friends say that they’ve never had to. Still a lot of fun to solve either...

by Laura S., August 2019

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