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Immerse yourself in an interactive monthly mystery. Work with our Lead Detective to solve the case.

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I’m really enjoying this

by Arturicea, Mar 11, 2019

My mom and I are having so much fun! Time well spent.

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Fun puzzles and interesting stories

by Robert O., Mar 09, 2019

I’ve tried quite a few “mystery boxes” and Sleuth Kings’ definitely at the top. The stories are great and the puzzles are challenging and fun...if you ever need help Sully’s always there for you. The e-mail exchanges with Sullivan are what makes this box unique. We’ve gotten close enough where he doesn’t threaten violence when I call him Nancy Drew. Or Holmes. Or Sugar Britches. 10% of the fun is coming up with absurd nicknames for Sullivan.

If you like single box closure and intriguing stories this ones worth a try. I know I’m hooked. I just need to figure out my plan to work through all the archived cases. 😁

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Total unique and fun

by Eun C., Feb 07, 2019

I've tried 4 other subscription boxes of the same genre and Sleuth Kings is the only one I decided to stick to. Clever puzzles, great stories, lots of interesting materials to work with.

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Really fun!

by Wendy F., Jan 25, 2019

So this was our first mystery subscription and the experience has been terrific. I ordered one case just to try it out first; received the case quickly and Detective Sullivan was always quick with a reply to help when we asked for it. Signed up for the subscription and we completed the second case on our own. So there are varying levels of challenges, which is great to keep things different each time. The packages have been well made, complete, and very detailed. If you are looking for a new activity this is a great subscription to try.

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So much fun!

by Danielle S., Jan 24, 2019

This is absolutely my favorite subscription box!! So much fun!! Everyone should subscribe to this box!! Very easy to contact seller as well!!

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Real mysteries, unique documents

by Charles J., Jan 23, 2019

My gal and I have always been interested in doing a detective crate, so I was really excited when I found Sleuth Kings. We did case 015 and it was so cool! It comes in a board game-sized box, and inside that is a file folder with all of the documents and clues. You email Sullivan and he presents you with the overall case, then it's up to you to piece things together and email him the solution to the current issue. This goes on until the whole case is done, and we had several AHA! moments as we worked.

I received a free review copy of the case, but it's definitely something I'd love to do again any time!

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by Cassandra M., Jan 15, 2019

I’ve always loved detective type work. Although I haven’t gotten a chance to sit down & actually do my cases yet just looking over them I know it’s going to be amazing! So glad I got this subscription

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Lots of puzzling fun for a couple

by Michele D., Jan 04, 2019

My husband and I have completed 2 of these and have had a couple of hours of fun with each case. Part of the fun is that you get to email back and forth with the detective Sullivan King. I find that part of it unique and fun. There are plenty of puzzles for the two of us to share in the "work", too. The other thing I like is that each case is complete in one box, although I've read that there is an ongoing side mystery that you get with every 4th case or something, but we have not been a part of that. We have tried one other mystery subscription and my hubby prefers this one because it does not rely on online activity to be able to complete it. The other brand we got was a ton of online searching and puzzling which he hated! It is also easy to get help if you need it, so it really has been a good mystery box, in my opinion.

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by Jeri S., Jan 02, 2019

We ordered 3 different boxes like this for Christmas. We enjoy sitting around with the kids and solving the mysteries. Out of the 3 boxes, this one was our least favorite. The clues were way too hard and when e-mailing for help the hints weren’t much help either. A lot of work, we put it away 3 times before we finished it as we got frustrated. The one good thing about this box was the quality of the paper products and clues on the inside. So for that I am moving it from 1 Star to a 2

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Sleuth Kings said...
Jan 03, 2019
Hi Jeri, Thanks for your feedback! I'm really sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy your case. Balancing difficulty with hints for a wide array of people is always a challenge, so I apologize that I missed the mark last month! I want you to know that I really do appreciate your feedback. I try and make each new case better than the last, and feedback - both good and bad - is the best way for me to do that. If you decide to try another case in the future, I'm always happy to provide different hints or direction if you reach out to me via messenger on our Facebook page. My responses won't be as quick as Sullivan's, but I always do my best to help. We also do offer a free postcard case on our website so that you can get the feel for our case difficulty level and how our cases work. My hope is that everyone enjoys their cases, so I like to provide the postcard so that people can get a taste of Sleuth Kings before they make a purchase. Have a fantastic day! Brandon

by Cynthia W., Dec 04, 2018

We love the puzzles and the optional email assistance. This is great fun!

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