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4.8 of 5 stars
A Great Birthday Gift
by C written 7 days ago
We got the Slime kit for my granddaughter's birthday. It arrived right on time, and she loves it! Definitely her favorite present.
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by Gracie written Aug 12, 2018
I LOVED my slime box. Definitely not gonna cancel lol. You guys keep up the good work (:
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Very disappointed
by Dolores written Aug 10, 2018
Very dissatisfied with this "made at home slime kit". We were expecting a nice fancy box, instead just comes in a brown mailing box. Contents are very cheap dollar store junk. Slime was also home made and NOT sealed . Our kit arrived wet on one side as the lid was not attached properly and the top had popped up during shipping and leaked out. Cancelling today. We ere very excited to gift our daughter with her very own subscription box, and instead through it away because we were too embarrassed to give it to her !
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Love that slime
by Brian written Aug 09, 2018
My daughter is 9 will be 10 next month. She loves her monthly slime box the only thing I would change is the way the ship because the weather is so hot the slime is always really sticky
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Daughter's Favorite Box
by Christina written Aug 08, 2018
I previously subscribed to a monthly toy box for my daughter, and she really enjoyed it, but started to feel like she "outgrew" the items. I am not a fan of slime... BUT will say that not only is this my daughter's favorite subscription, but mine as well. I love that we don't have to make the slime and that mess is no longer an issue. The premade scented fun slimes are amazing. No mess, in their own containers, AND are high quality. Each month is a different "theme" and they are so clever. I chose the mini box and the value of items far exceeds the low cost. We've had a few months of deliveries, and each one is more fun than the last. No foreseeable cancellations.. I know we will be members for many months to come.
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Love this box
by Suzanna written Aug 07, 2018
I have a 7 and 10 year old and they can't get enough! They love slime and love and the cute things that come in the box! It's a highlight of the month for sure!
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The Perfect Gift!
by Larinda written Aug 07, 2018
We gave Slime Box as a gift to our children for Christmas last year. It is, hands down, one of their favorite things they have ever received! Each month they look forward to the awesome slimes and themes that go along with the boxes. We will definitely be doing this again! Highly recommend!!
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by Karen written Aug 07, 2018
Bought the 6 month subscription of slime for my daughter, she’s on vacation with her dad for the summer, so she’ll have a nice surprise when she gets home. I hope it’s all she’s expecting and more.
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by Kristi written Aug 06, 2018
My 10 year old LOVES getting her slime box every month!
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by Stefanie written Aug 06, 2018
My kid can't wait for the first week of the month. This was supposed to be a one-time Christmas present last year but we stuck with it because it's so cool. Thoughtfully put together, every month's theme is so neat. My daughter LOVES this. And it makes a good threat...."if you don't clean your room, I'll cancel your slime subscription". Her room is spotless. :)
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