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Christmas Present for my Daughter

Mar 22, 2021
Jessica D.
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Subscribed for 2 months

My daughter loved receiving the boxes in the mail monthly. The shipping and packaging was wonderful. Each container of slime was colorful, creative, and had different smells. I loved that each month, the contents in the box matched a theme. For example, in February my daughter received Valentines colored items. The extra items sent with the boxes are very inexpensive. The first box included a dog squishy that was dirty. Most of the extra items were not used.

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scented slime

Oct 19, 2017
Sophie R.
1 Review
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Subscribed for 8 months

i loved the slimes i had to trow away 2 slimes because of the sent and the other sent i liked but its very strong but the last slime the sent was amazing and i loved it

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Becoming very disappointed

Nov 29, 2018
Lauren G.
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The March box slimes were all too sticky. We had to buy activator to fix the slimes. Randomly, One of the jars had a cheap, tiny, plastic naked baby hidden in the slime. This was confusing to me and especially my daughter. Kind of weird/creepy. I buy the deluxe box because I want to make my daughter happy. (That’s why we all buy these boxes, to make our little loved ones happy right?) but the add ons are really really frustrating me. They are always things that look purchased right from the 99 cent store along with one, maybe two pieces of Candy. I’ve been hinting at my daughter that I’m not happy with the quality. She agrees and just plays with the slime. We love Slime (minus the naked baby) but more variety of smiles that are hard to make would be great. Again the slime is great but everything else is almost always useless. The people that run Sliime box I feel are wonderful people but changes need to be made. Paying almost $40 monthly for a slime box every month. As a single mom paying close to $500 a year, something needs to really be fixed with the extras please please please ! Unique, fun and quality useful things that’s all we are asking for! Thank you.