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4.3 of 5 stars
Love it!
by Leidys written today
This is my second box, and so far I have not been disappointed.I love everything I have received and can't wait for next month!(:
by Kayla written today
November was my first box, and honestly, I'm a bit disappointed. The mug I got came broken, but even if it wasn't, it wasn't one I was thrilled about. The other items also didn't really excite me. I'm going to keep the subscription for one more month to see if my feelings change.
Smartass and Sass said...
Kayla - first of all, thank you for giving Smartass & Sass a try! We are bummed to hear you didn't love the November box but we know sometimes we can't be on point for everyone; however, we'll be announcing the December theme soon and can't wait to see what you think of it! As for the mug, we are so sorry to hear it was damaged in route. We got your email and will reply now. We'll get a replacement shipped to you ASAP. Thanks again! - Abby & Kim
by Jessica written yesterday
Even though its a little spendy for the box , everything was pretty cute
Favorite day of the month!
by Tabitha written yesterday
This box is something I look forward to every month. It always manages to make me giggle. And if I ever get anything that I dont love for myself, I always have a friend that LOVES it!!
I love my first box
by Leslie written yesterday
Just the right amount of sass! Fun wine-themed items, a gorgeous mug, socks too! I can't wait for the next one!
November Box
by Jessica written yesterday
This month's box was by far my favorite. The items were all amazingly cute and definitely something that will get used. The box was so perfect that it completely answered all of my prayers about helping me to find a few items to complete my sister-in-laws gift. I was struggling to find a few things that were just right, and then they magically appeared on my doorstep! I will be ordering extras of some of the items so that she and I can each have one! <3
October box
by Kris written 9 days ago
This box was really fun and I loved the contents! I feel like my feedback was listened to about the past few months and that makes me want to continue my subscription. I look forward to my Smartass and Sass boxes because they are so unique!!
Favorite box yet!
by Shana written 23 days ago
Absolutely LOVED the October box. The little flask is a perfect shot. The "Boo, You Whore" glass is now my office glass. LoL. I just love how everything was for Halloween themed but still able to use year-round. You ladies are doing an AMAZING job!!
October was freakin amazing!
by Jennifer written 24 days ago
I absolutely loved the October box - you can really tell the owners listened to customer feedback and put their heart in this one!
by Melissa written 27 days ago
Loved this box. All the items can be used all year around not just for Halloween.