Smartass and Sass
Get a monthly dose of sass! 5-7 full-size items *or* a sassy shirt to make you laugh your a** off.

$15.95+ / month

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4.5 of 5 stars
May Box Was Magical AF!
by Nancy written Jun 07, 2018
Loved this box so much. The perfume stick thing smells so good. I love the tumbler and the shirt is super fun! Keep it up ladies :-)
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Absolutely Love It!!
by Morgann written Jun 06, 2018
Can't say enough good things about this box! I have been extremely happy with my boxes I have received from Smartass and Sass and their customer service is extremely prompt and helpful. It is always such a fun surprise in the mail and know that it will make me smile. Keep up the great work!
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Best box to exist by far!
by Michelle written Jun 04, 2018
I love this box. There is never an item that i do not like. Every month i end up giving a couple things away since theyre so cool and i love to share the fun. The box has so many things to gift family and friends on their bdays or keep it all! no one who recieves a box from smartass and sass will regret it. it is awesome...unless you dont like curse words, in which case...why would you even sign up? All Smartassy, sassy girls will love this! . *** Also, please. could one of you ladies who run this (Abbie+Kim) contact me about skipping the month of june? how would that be done on your website? i emailed you from here at cratejoy but not sure if it went through ***
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So freaking awesome
by Karen written May 30, 2018
I was nervous to sign up (is my version of sassy the same as this?) but oh man did I love everything in the box. It’s PERFECT. The t shirt is soft and loose fitting and really comfy, and the little snarky silly gifts inside are funny!! Love love love!
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Love Love Love ♥️
by Madison written May 28, 2018
I thought this was the cutest and funniest box! I enjoyed everything inside! I love the T-Shirt and I have worn it a bunch of times since I received it! Can’t wait for more boxes!
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Loving it!!
by Angela written May 28, 2018
Absolutely thrilled with this company and the t-shirts I’ve gotten so far have been soft and fit me well! Love it!!
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first box
by Nikki written May 27, 2018
i love it
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Love it!
by Ashley written May 26, 2018
Everything you guys come up with puts a smile on my face; this is definitely one of my favorite subscriptions and the shirts are so soft and funny. Adored the socks!
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No other can compare!
by Amy written May 25, 2018
I love this box. I have gotten this sub box for awhile now and I have only been bummed once. I get compliments all the time on the items out and about. I just think the sassy and smartassy is the perfect amount. This last month was probably one of my favorite months. The quality of the eye mask as well as the saying was just amazing! There wasn't a single item this month that I wasn't totally giddy about! If you like being a little edgy and not so socially correct I think you should give this box a go. There is so much fun that goes into this box that I think you will enjoy it as much as I do. Not to mention, I've gifted my friends this box as well because after all, I shouldn't be the only one rocking the sassiness. This box is amazing!!!
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by Alecia written May 25, 2018
I wanted to like this box, but sadly felt this month was underwhelming. Many of the items were deceptively small and most of the rest I didn't like or have no use for. I don't feel like this box is a good value for my money spent, and truly the only thing I liked was the shirt . I like the idea of a sassy box, but the items inside need to be useful and of good quality too.
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