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HUGE Downer
by Joseph written Apr 17, 2018
Received as a gift. First month had missing items and what was received was a few pretty lame items. Second month was better and included a piece we actually could use and some other novelty items. Third month was the same box as the first??!!?? !@#$%^%$#@#$%^&*&^%$#@$%^&^%$#@#$%^&!!!!!
...and the customer service was great
by Amber written Apr 09, 2018
Just wanted to thank you guys for your customer service too.
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Loved the Genius Pipe
by Amber written Apr 09, 2018
Upgraded to the black box and the items are really nice. Missed the mini mag in the last box but all good.
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3 months - 3 disappointments
by Susan written Apr 09, 2018
Month 1: got a card describing awesome items, but none of them were in the box. Everything except a tiny pipe looked like it was from the dollar store. I emailed and they said I'd get those items next month. Month 2: 3 items were repeats (incense, card grinder, box). Still no items from the card. I emailed and they said I could now choose my items on line, which I immediately did. Month 3: none of the items I chose were included, except a different version of one item, and the difference made the item almost unusable. I emailed again, but they stopped responding to my emails, so I cancelled.
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Bought The Hippie Crate
by Amber written Jan 26, 2018
I'd rate it at 4.5. After reading the recent reviews I got a little nervous about my recent delivery. This is my second box and what I've noticed is giving feedback (they send you an email asking for feedback) about the contents helps the next box to be better. The first box was meh, alright. The second one was good! Good mix of fun and functional items. I guess bad months happen.
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Another thing I forgot to add
by Mandy written Jan 26, 2018
I have a screen shot of their website saying the contents of the hippie crate boxes should be $55+ and another of the email quoted the contents of the "day of the dead" themed box only being of $52.. not cool at all.
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Waste of money
by Mandy written Jan 26, 2018
Got this as a gift for someone and I'm literally too embarrassed to even give it to them because of how big of a joke it is. Literally NOTHING of value. There's a basic simple piece, a corny sticker, a pen(??), grinder card, incense and ridiculous tin that looks straight out of the dollar store. How irrelevant and annoying, I wish I could return it since the contents do not seem to add up...
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The contents were wrong
by Cathi written Jan 25, 2018
Finally received my box, over a month after I ordered it, and the contents in the box were nothing that was listed as to what I was supposed to get.
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Still No Box...
by Cynthia written Jan 22, 2018
I bought a box to offer as a gift on December 15th... Still haven't received the box. I subscribed to a 3 month and I am still waiting for the box to arrive. It has been more than a month. I wrote to the company and got no reply. It seems to be a recurrent problem with this company.
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Smoker's Digest Box said...
Jan 22, 2018
Hi Cynthia, We deeply apologize for the delays. We received an overwhelming amount of orders during the holiday season which we tried aggressively to prevent subscribers from being affected by. Unfortunately, as your order came during the Christmas weekened, we grouped it in our January shipments which has gone out already (you would have recieved an email with the tracking details last week). We also hope our remedy to "make things right" puts a smile on your face. Until then, cheers! - Smoker's Digest Box team
by Anthony written Dec 30, 2017
Customer service was fantastic in helping me out. Contained a good mix of novelty and usability. I might have to upgrade my subscription. I already cant wait to see what they send out next month.
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