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Confusing and Lackluster So Far

Jun 25, 2020
Sierra A.
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I feel so weird leaving such a negative review but this has been my first strange and negative experience with a subscription box on here.
I paid almost 60 for a 3 month plan and was excitedly looking forward to goodies like those pictured on the page. A month after ordering, I received my first two boxes at once but had no idea what they were since they had a completely different company name on them: SnackNation. I checked all over the box and checked my subscriptions to see if that was somehow an affiliate but found no information. It said these boxes came from a food bank in NY.
Unfortunately, upon opening them I found the first two boxes were completely identical. And they were just really disappointing. There was a tiny pack of peanuts in each, a tiny pack of seeds, a kid's bar, some sample size bags of granola and not much else. It was nothing like what was pictured on the page.
I have emailed customer service and am waiting to hear back to see if they will refund the identical box or make up for it with an additional month with new snacks inside. The only other review on the page doesn't seem legit. I would love to continue to support small businesses like these during these times and find alternative ways to stock up the pantry without having to take my kids to the store. But this one just wasn't worth it.

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Snacky Box Snacks said...Jun 25, 2020

Dear Sierra,
We're sorry to hear that you weren't completely satisfied with your order. However, we'd like to assure you we have plenty of snack loving happy snackers who love their monthly Snacky Boxes and we're sorry to hear you didn't share the same thing. We're happy to hear that you were able to find your box after initially reporting you didn't receive it. Regarding the snacks, ALL of our snacks are fresh, new and unique. None of them come from a foodbank. We're sorry you got confused. We meant that for every one box sold, we donate snacks to a local food bank. It's just our way of doing a little good. In addition, we'd like to assure you that...