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Not good for mail but great for kids

Apr 26, 2020
Shelley E.
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First, I must say that my rating is because, based on the "Snail Mail" name, I expected more adult appropriate stickers as well as stickers that would work well on mail. The majority of the stickers were very childlike as well as dimensional, which do not work well when placed on envelopes being mailed. Also, there was a sheet of planner stickers, which seemed mismatched based on the juvenile nature of the other stickers. HOWEVER, I must give a positive word on the subscription if you are interested in stickers for children, because, then these would be fantastic. The assortment is nice and very colorful with many cure animals and designs. Many of the stickers are dimensional so perfect for children to decorate the coverings of notebooks or binders.

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Snail Mail Sticker Club said...May 01, 2020

Thanks for your review Shelley. As our description says, we are a family sticker club, so the sticker pack is set up for all ages and styles. All the best to you! :)