Color Curate
Color-Focused Monthly Subscription Bag

$20.95+ / month

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4.3 of 5 stars
Love it!!!🌸
by Virginia written 11 days ago
Love this fun and unique makeup!!! The colors are so prettty and the packaging is cute!!! The bags are also adorable and the sayings are uplifting!!!🌸😊🌸
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Very fun!
by Chantel written 18 days ago
I have at least 10 subscription boxes and this is in the top 3. I love that it’s vegan and has such yummy smells, which is unique for makeup.
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by Kerry written 22 days ago
Fun colors, fun products!
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by Kerry written last month
Loved all the stuff once again!
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Love this subscription!
by Chandra written last month
I am always overjoyed when I receive this package in the mail. I have never received a broken product and I love that everything is cruelty free and vegan. I just wish there was a way to customize lip colors/ products. The last 3 months have been liquid highlighter products. I like them but I have so many since other subs have been heavy handed with them as well. Otherwise, keep up the great work!
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by nova written last month
It was okay .
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by Kellie written last month
Out of the 3 monthly beauty subscriptions that I receive, So Susan is by far my favorite!! Full size products that are of extremely high quality, beautiful colors, and always come in an awesome make-up bag. Yes, it does cost a little more than some of the other beauty subscriptions, but it is totally worth it given the high quality & fun, full sized products that they send you!! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
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Love this Bag
by Bonnie written last month
This bag, which is now called Color Curate, is awesome! Quality products from the house brand, So Susan and other (umbrella?) brands that are all cruelty free and make nice quality products. I look forward to this bag each month, and use most or all of what I get in it.
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by Kimberly written last month
Love this bag
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Not what I expected
by Thea written 3 months ago
It seems the only item actually by "So Susan" was the buffing brush, which I like. The brightest red lipstick I've ever seen was clown - like silly. It is not my color, especially at 44 with red hair. The black brow powder.. What were they thinking?? The magic frosting is good for my 14yr old daughter and I find it funny that this company counts a bag they design and put their name on as a product. Very disappointed I bought a 6 month sub. I'd love to cancel.
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