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Apr 01, 2018
El C.
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Several days after my last review--and my cancellation of service--I finally received an auto-notification that a package from Sockbox had shipped. In due course I got a pair of socks and a cheery note, with no indication or acknowledgement that I had ever contacted them, had any questions, etc. As of this writing, there has still been no direct contact from Sockbox in response to my emails.
This is truly a shame, because the socks themselves were as advertised, and of good quality; the $12 monthly fee + $2 shipping is about what I would pay were I to order this exact same pair of socks from the maker directly. I've been trying out several sock subscriptions, and the pair from Sockbox was by far the favorite among those I received. Had my experience dealing with Sockbox been more positive, I would almost certainly still be a subscriber.
Unfortunately, their lack of clarity and lack of communication go beyond what I am prepared to deal with in a subscription service. If you choose to subscribe, be aware that nothing will be shipped to you until at least the following month, and do not place any real dependence on being able to contact the service with concerns.

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