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Tactical & Survival Gear, hand-picked by Special Ops Veterans, delivered monthly.

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$29.99+ / month
Product Overview
  • Your box will ship by the end of every month. Please order by the 14th to get the current box.
  • Ships to select countries from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Monthly Tactical & Survival Gear Box
The Crate Club is the ultimate monthly subscription that gets you a box of quality survival, tactical and outdoor gear every month. What separates us from all other subscriptions in this realm is that our staff is made up entirely of US Special Operations veterans. That means that the items you get have been vetted by the utmost experts! We save you the hours spent on research ands ship just the right items for your tactical needs.
  • All gear is hand-picked by US Special Operations Veterans
  • We offer 4 different subscriptions (based on value & needs) in order to accomodate everyone's budget: Standard, Pro, Operator & Premium
  • Box Pricing ranges from $29.99 to $399.99+/month 
Subscriber Reviews
2.8 of 5 stars
Run Away
by Steven written 3 days ago
I purchased the prepaid six month standard crate as a gift nearly three months ago and they've shipped one item. I contacted them a week ago via email (they don't give you a phone number on the website) and they replied with a paragraph of unrelated info cut-and-pasted from their FAQ. I messaged them on Facebook and got the same results. They have it setup so it "renews" after the six month period. I logged in to cancel and it doesn't let you cancel online. They say in their FAQ you can cancel from your account, then when you go there it just says to cancel you have to contact them. I had to shut off my credit card to keep them from charging it. I've since sent them numerous emails and messages that have gone ignored. This place is a scam. There's a reason they don't provide you with a phone number. There's a reason their website is designed to prevent you from cancelling. It won't even let you delete your credit card from their system.
Verified Purchase
Crate Club said...
2 days ago
We spoke to Steven by phone a few minutes after this review was posted. We are at a loss to explain why he did not receive two of his shipments. We apologize for what must be our error. Steven will receive a full refund on his subscription. We have some 20,000 customers and we try very hard to satisfy their needs and were happy to address Steven's concerns as we work to improve our shipping and delivery process so this doesn't occur again.
Ugh - seriously
by Dianna written 19 days ago
I ordered my first "box" for my husband for Christmas. I placed the order 12/17. I decided to do month to month until I knew if we liked it. Apparently I only had 10 days from when I placed the order to decide if I wanted to continue my subscription, noting that it was only received 12/23, and not opened until 12/25. So 4 days, if we had opened it immediately. Honestly, I didn't even think that the little envelope I received with no information, was my "crate." I went ahead and cancelled on 1/11, and contacted customer service to "find" my box, and found out that this was it. Wow, really? But I was okay since I had cancelled, so whatever. And, customer service was nice and offered a bonus something because I was so unhappy. But here's the thing - I had already been billed on 1/1 for the next month! So even cancelling in what seemed like a timely manner, I am told nothing can be done. Since the crates are so special and handpicked, there are no returns or refunds. Wow - what a great racket they have going on here. I mean, there's some okay stuff, but not at all worth what you spend. For $70 total, I could have gone to a local store and picked up AT LEAST twice as many quality items, and not be dealing with this. The advertisement of opening this cool box and finding amazing useful stuff is awful. I mean - the mystery part of it is why you spend the money - but the box was such a disappointment from the hype. I mean, if you go with the "basic box," you just get a tiny envelope with a couple of items tossed in. Fortunately, my husband knew what they were, for the most part, and customer service sent the overview to me when I complained. Hmmm...maybe that should have been included in the package. I am so glad I did not sign up for more, and especially glad that I didn't tell my husband what it was supposed to be. At least I was the only one super disappointed. I do give credit to the customer service team, as they have been nice, and pretty helpful. That's the only part of this that has been worth it.
Verified Purchase
Very unsatisfied
by William written 21 days ago
This is the biggest ripoff the stuff I received was cheep I wrote them after the first box and told them I was not satisfied and I wanted a refund on the remaining balance they said they would but I have not seen any of it so far it’s been two months
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