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Soulshine Boxes

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Passionately curated to assist you in raising your energetic vibration and awaken your Soul Shine!

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Product Overview
  • Your box will ship on the 10th of every month. Please order by the 8th to get the current box. If you choose to order on the 10th or after, you will receive the next month's box,
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Transform your life with Soulshine Boxes!
The Soulshine Transformation Box and the Mini crate are monthly themed boxes of deliciously charged, metaphysical tools. We love creating an energetic box of various items such as Crystals, Candles, Books, Incense & Holders, Essential Oils, Divination Tools, and Jewelry to delivered to you around the 10th of each month.
  • Candles, Incense & Burners
  • Jewelry, Crystals & Stones
  • Books & Journals
  • Tarot Cards, Pendulums, Runes
  • Essential oils, blends & room sprays

Subscriber Reviews


by Cindy, 4 days ago

Once again I am unhappy with what I’m sent. The first box I got-the large-was the best of any boxes I’ve gotten from any of these services, but the one after was definitely not. Ginger sent me a small box and nice note which I liked and thought that was very good customer service so I didn’t cancel. But the next month was not good again-cancelled After getting email and being told of the makeover I decided to give the small box a try. Well not only was I underwhelmed with it but the incense burner was broken in 2 places & chipped off in a third as I was taking a picture to send. I sent an email with photos, asking for a replacement but not the same thing since it was obviously such poor quality,then replied to the email asking what I thought & since I hadn’t heard anything tried to contact here through Cratejoy but it didn’t go through.

Verified Purchase
Soulshine Boxes said...
Thank you for your review Cindy. Let me start by saying I am sorry you are unhappy with the Soulshine mini crate. I am also sorry your incense burner broke in shipping and then chipped while you were taking pictures of it. It is made in India, and handcrafted. I cannot control what happens to products when they are shipped and broken in shipping. Each box is insured and you can file a claim with your local post office. I sent you three emails the last few days to let you know that I will ship you another burner to replace the broken one. I also apologized and shared what you can do to claim the insurance on the mini crate. I have also sent out a detailed email to all of my subscribers to talk about some of the issues we have had with shipments and products the previous two months; you received that email as well. Check your spam folder. So let me talk about the mini crate, because it is very different than most other boxes out there in my specific niche. It is designed not to "impress" you, but to assist you in raising energy. These mini rates give you the tools to help you manifest what you need in your life and bring in the things you desire or release the things that are not working. Each mini crate is curated with that in mind, to assist you in moving energy. In your box this month you received a hand crafted money votive to help you attract wealth. It is made by the BEST energetic candle company out there, Coventry Creations. You also received a beautiful Citrine polished crystal to assist you in attracting money to your home, office or both. Included was Attract Wealth incense cones, which has a burner in the ox, not a fancy burner, but a useful burner. I ordered these little mirror burners that are handcrafted in India, with tiny mirrors attached to the glaze on the burner. The mirrors amplify the money energy. I included this second burner because of the mirrors, they were beautiful, and handcrafted. You also received a hand made vial of Wealth oil, to wear, bless your home or office with, and shift your money energy even further. This was a handcrafted, energy-charged wealth oil, processed with organic herbs that I grow, harvest and dry plus fractionated coconut oil. It is a special recipe all my own that you cannot get anywhere else. Made by me and packaged in a 2 dram bottle. All of these tools will help you create money in your life and manifest money all around you. You also received a detailed insert that tells you exactly how to use all of these items to use them to manifest abundance. Perhaps this will give you a better understanding of what this mini crate is all about. I am shipping you a replacement burner and hope with all my heart that you will utilize the tools sent to you. Perhaps this will change your mind about your second review which says that you "wasted your money buying this box." No you didn't, an incense burner can be easily replaced, but the energy that you put into using the tools in this mini crate are the priceless part of this subscription. Brightest Blessings,Ginger

3 months in and very happy

by Hope, 6 days ago

There is a nice variety of products. I LOVED this month's box with a personalized reading. It was spot on. A handwritten note goes a very long way. The packaging was beautiful, I usually keep and reuse the paper shredding in gift bags. The incense smelled great. The incense holder is very nice as well. I like that everything in the boxes are connected. I can't wait to use my bath soak. I wish the chain for the chakra necklace was a little longer but it's still very nice. I also loveeee the bracelet with the chakra stones.

Verified Purchase


by Jean, 7 days ago

I was extremely excited about receiving my first box...I opened it and was awestruck! It's like they searched into my soul and picked out exactly what I needed! The Chakra Reading was right on point also. I definitely LOVE THIS BOX!!!

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