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Subscriber Reviews

4.8 of 5 stars
by Heather written Sep 28, 2018
Bought this for my dad as a present and he loved it. Boxes arrived on time each month.
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by Samuel written Sep 24, 2018
I wanted to get on here and say a few things about this box. I have had it for almost a year now a few things I notice. When there is a problem with packaging or suppliers they quickly fix it at no cost to you. They always have a nice variety and it’s current with cigars that are both new to the market and great tasting. There customer service is quick, and very personal. Can only give 5 stars but would give 10 if I could. Whether you are an avid aficionado or first time cigar smoker let these guys help you fall in love with a good smoke.
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by Megan written Aug 02, 2018
Great and all just a little disappointed that there was another fee to pay ontop of my shipping fee
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Two Stars ONLY Because...
by Gemma written Jul 06, 2018
The content was great. I loved the cigars and impressed my bosses with them. However, I am giving this box two stars because I ASKED FOR A ONE TIME SUBSCRIPTION. ONE TIME.
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Best subscription we have ever done
by Kristen written Jan 09, 2018
My husband loves cigars, but we live in a smaller town where our cigar shops don't really carry a wide variety. I got him a subscription for 6 months for his birthday and he was so impressed with every single delivery. They sent several cigars that he had seen online and always wanted to try, and they were all $12-$15+ in value. The cigars were all in excellent condition, and everything from the packaging to the informational card inside was perfect. Several of our friends have tried other similar services and did not have the same quality of experience that we did. We ended up letting the subscription go for several months longer because it was so wonderful. 100% recommend if you're a cigar buff.
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Great Service!
by Bryan written Jan 03, 2018
I sent an email inquiring about the status of my first shipment and received a quick response from Jason who informed me that we just missed the monthly deadline. With my brother's wedding looming, Jason sent a separate order of 3 great cigar's without hesitation. Been a happy customer ever since! Thank you Jason. Keep it up!
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by theresa written Dec 20, 2017
Fiance was so excited! Definitely getting one next month
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Great gift for even casual cigar smoker
by Tara written Dec 07, 2017
I bought this as a gift for my husband for Christmas last year. He's a casual cigar smoker and he LOVED it. They send a nice variety and he's found new brands that he really enjoys. I personally don't like the taste of cigars but through this subscription box found one that even I like! (Ambrosia Triple Corona from Drew Estates). Highly recommend this as the perfect gift for someone or yourself!
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Great Gift
by Jennifer written Aug 24, 2017
I gave this box to my dad for Father's Day, and he couldn't stop talking about how much he loved it. He said the cigars were very tasty, and he loved to sit back and relax with them in his truck. He loved the box so much, he asked me to give him another 3 months sub in November for his birthday. Now, I know you don't know my dad, but he's always been a, "don't get me anything/don't waste your money," kind of guy. So the fact that he asked for this box speaks volumes. The product is something he wouldn't normally purchase himself, so seeing the email that he box had arrived was the highlight of his month. Great job guys! You're doing something right.
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Good and getting better.
by Ryan written Aug 22, 2017
I started a subscription with Southern Cigar Co. about a year ago and plan to keep it going for the foreseeable future. I'm no expert with cigars, but I know what I like. And, while I enjoy going to my local shop, I find that the selection from SCC is almost always better at picking a variety of cigars that I enjoy than I am going on my own. The only downside was moving and having to update my address on their site, which wouldn't allow for it after a number of tries. While my original email to them went unanswered and my mail forwarding had to pick up the slack, when it happened again the next month, the owners were quick to respond and reroute my package. While I've tried a number of subscription boxes, this is one of only two that I've kept and I'm glad to hear that they'll be expanding their services to allow for expanded ordering options in the future.
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