Spa Club - Enjoy & Relax ❤️

Spa Club - Enjoy & Relax ❤️

by BedHeart
Easiest way to improve your overall spa/bath experience by the fastest time possible! ❤️

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Apr 11, 2022
Sarah G.
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I ordered this box based on the description and photos saying that the value of each box was over $100. However, I received prepackaged cheap bath sets, bought and drop-shipped straight from Amazon. I know they came straight from Amazon, because of the gift receipts I got every time. Attached is the first box I got, with 4 items in it. Searched for it on Amazon based on what the receipt said and it came up with a price of $9.99. Could I use the products I got? Sure. But I paid $42.90 to get something worth ten bucks, and the advertising on this box says it should be worth over $100. That's 100% false advertising.
I tried contacting the seller, who never responded. I tried contacting Crate Joy but they only pointed me back to the seller. So BUYER BEWARE, you don't want to be like me and pre-pay for the 3 month package and end up getting screwed over with 3 boxes of cheap products that TOTAL value of all 3 don't even equal the cost of one box.

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