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Not worth it

Dec 17, 2020
Rebecca D.
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Subscribed for 1 year

Overall, this is a really cool idea. Every month you get sent a box with 4-5 spices from a country with different recipe cards. Over 6 months we did not receive the same location twice.
The downsides of this subscription are 1) the packaging 2)the customer service.
More than once the ziplock baggies came to us opened with spices spilling inside the box and mixing together and obviously defeating the point. We were not able to use those spices afterwords.
The customer service was honestly the worst part. The phone number provided on the website is a number that is NEVER answered and phone calls are never returned. I know this because I called 20+ times to talk to someone about the above issues. Not once was my call answered or returned after leaving many messages. The only form of communication is through e-mail, which is fine. However, the response time for my e-mails were probably 3-4 weeks. When answered, they apologized for the delay and said there were busier than normal. I was told I would be compensated for my multiple boxes of opened spices with a free box at the end of my subscription. That 'free' box never appeared.
We had this subscription for 6 months and this was my experience for the entire 6 months - so if they were that busy, that often, wouldn't it be beneficial to hire more staff?
10/10 for the concept
3/10 for execution

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