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Never came
by Jeanette written 5 days ago
I paid over a month ago and have yet to get a box.
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SpiceBreeze said...
4 days ago
Hello Jeanette, Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear that you expected your first SpiceBreeze box earlier. We offer to select the shipping schedule for the first SpiceBreeze box at checkout. The two options are: 'shipping on the 15th of next month' or 'shipping next week'. According to your selection, we shipped your first SpiceBreeze box on the 15th of this month. It should arrive soon and we hope that you will enjoy cooking Lebanese Fattoush or Shawarma and Filipino Chicken Inasal. Please let us know if you have any questions.
The best cheap subscription
by Alyssa written Aug 12, 2018
I love that the recipes are not overly complicated yet give you a taste of new cultures and cuisines. This subscription is well worth the price. I want to tell everyone about this awesome deal.
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by cindy written Jul 25, 2018
I didn't get the box at the discount mothers day price for the first box or the second box they said they'd make it right by. didn't happen
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SpiceBreeze said...
Jul 26, 2018
Hello Cindy! We are very sorry to hear that the special discount didn't go through. Your refund is already issued. Please let us know any time by email to hello@SpiceBreeze.com if you have any questions or issues. We are always glad to help!
Great First Box!
by Stephanie written Jul 20, 2018
I was super impressed with my first box which was the Seychelles. The Kari Koko was superb, we also tried the Pwason Griye - not as much flavour but fun and delicious none the less. It is a fun way to try new recipes from around the world. I was super impressed with my first box which was the Seychelles. The Kari Koko was superb, we also tried the Pwason Griye - not as much flavour but fun and delicious none the less. It is a fun way to try new recipes from around the world. I was so bored of making the same things every few days for dinner and this has given me great ideas for the future. Will definitely keep ordering!
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Not impressed
by Anna written Jul 15, 2018
I made the falafel from my box (the only vegetarian option included) but was pretty disappointed with it. Flavor was okay, texture was dry/chewy.
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SpiceBreeze said...
Jul 17, 2018
We are very sorry to hear that the falafel didn't turn out crispy! A new recipe spice kit for Georgian Badrijani is on its way to you and we are looking forward to hearing how you like this dish.
Cant wait for the next one
by Jerry written Jul 02, 2018
We just made our first meal from your kit. Outstanding. If this is any indication of the rest of the package, I can’t wait to try them all! I think you made a new loyal customer. I’ll definitely be recommending you to friends. Thanks so much.
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Fantastic Customer Service!
by Michelle written May 08, 2018
I don't usually write reviews. I always mean to but never get around to it. But this time, I made the effort. I've had my quad box Spice Breeze subscription now for about a year. Everything has been going great, they send it out on time each month. It's a blast making unusual dishes I've never heard of from countries I'll probably never get to visit. But my last month I accidentally received 2 of the same spice set/recipe card. So I sent them an email and let them know I got 2 of the same one. I got an email back very quickly stating they would send me the 4th spice packet/recipe card. Within short order it was in my mail box. They handled the issues quickly, and without hesitation. That's great customer service! My husband and I are really hooked on this subscription box.
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Great variety and recipes
by Sherilyn written May 05, 2018
We've been member of SpiceBreeze for over a year now and have no plans on cancelling our subscription. We love the variety of recipes and spices. The recipes are easy to follow and very tasty. We love that we can adapt them to our dietary needs or preference. I recommend SpiceBreeze to friends all the time.
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Good variety for fun dinners at home
by Sarah written May 03, 2018
We love making and trying new things and didn't want to get 1 large jar of 1 kind of spice that sits on our shelf forever. With SpiceBreeze we get a good, healthy variety of new spices each month so we are continuously trying new things. The sizes sent are perfect for a few meals and the recipe cards are always very tasty and adaptable to our needs.
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Delicious! I love this subscription!
by Sara written Apr 23, 2018
I recently got my first package from Spicebox and I am such a huge fan! I made my first dish over the weekend, Drunken Noodles and they were so delicious. My husband loved it, too. I have some of the spices from the kit left and I will be making it again soon and likely purchase more of that spice when I run out. I already upgraded to the quad so I can have more Spicebreeze love each month! The recipe was very easy and approachable I'm excited for more boxes and recipes/spices to try, thank you.
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