Adult SEX Box | Custom Curated Subscription Boxes for Adult

Adult SEX Box | Custom Curated Subscription Boxes for Adult

by Adult Sex Box
Adult Sex Box - Our mystery boxes will add spice to your relationship without feeling evasive.

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Do not waste your money

Oct 21, 2021
Tracy V.
2 Reviews
Subscribed for 1 month

Omg for $100 I could have gotten so much more just ordering from a adult store anywhere. What a waste of my money. Thigh high fish nets and some other things. One toy. Definitely not worth the price I paid and besides for a cat costume it was not Halloween themed

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Adult Sex Box said...Nov 02, 2021

Hi Tracy,
the amount you received in your halloween box is over 100$, which means you would have paid more in stores, also we are sorry to hear you purchased the box to enjoy with your partner, but you caught him cheating meaning you probably didnt get to use the box, and taking your frustration out on us. we totally understand.


May 05, 2021
Jessica K.
1 Review
Subscribed for 6 months

I was told it would only take 5 to 10 days for me to get my first box that was 16 days ago and I was only going to have to pay $59.00 a month and they took out the hole amount of 6 months worth

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Adult Sex Box said...May 08, 2021

Hello Jessica Kepley,
There is a miss understanding of how you perceived the payment. For every subscription box it is the same. When you chose a 6 month subscription it means you pay less per box BUT you would need to pay the whole amount upfront that is why it says subtotal 315.99$. Also, for shipping, we can not control shipping companies, we also sent you an email that you would be receiving your box soon and sent you a shipping link. Finally, we hope you enjoy your first box that is free since you claimed a fraud on your creditcard, This to we shall be rectify with your credit card company showing communication and all proof of not being a fraud, and unfortunately...

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