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Refreshing response
by John written Mar 30, 2018
I had initially written a bad review due to not receiving my tie on time but when I got home it's was actually there and it's awesome. The customer service team got back to me in a timely manner and credited me a month for the inconvenience
Verified Purchase
by John written Mar 27, 2018
I ordered my bow tie subscription March 2nd ,it is now the 27th, they said it ships out on the 22nd and it has yet to arrive. I have contacted the customer service email to no avail. If I receive a response to my email or if my product comes in I will adjust this review accordingly
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Great quality, no options
by Amy written Aug 24, 2017
We have enjoyed this club, the quality of the ties is great, but the selections have been a little all over the place. Of the 5 we have received my son has liked 3. We are stuck with a couple of ties that are only so-so and he probably won't ever wear. I wish that they would give a choice before they ship- maybe a couple of options instead of a complete surprise.
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Red plaid tie
by Julie written Mar 05, 2017
Great looking tie for the coming summer months.
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He loves 'em
by Molly written Jan 30, 2017
My husband loves getting a gift every month. It's always a surprise to him and myself. He says the ties are good quality and completely his style (picked from the questions when ordering).
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by ann written Jan 29, 2017
The ties are of nice quality but I was disappointed in the design. The were kind of plain jane. I was hoping this would be a great way for my husband to get some ore seasonal designs.
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Why are the ties so wide?
by Mark written Jan 28, 2017
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Great quality!
by Sam written Jul 15, 2016
Can't believe that the quality is pretty good compared to the price. You guys should charge more!
by Boma written Jul 15, 2016
Perfect b-day gift for my boyfriend. He really liked it!
I'm a very happy customer with Spiffster
by Shea written Apr 03, 2016
I subscribe with Spiffster 4 months ago and received three neckties. My favorite style is Paisley and Stripes ties. I took the survey and got these style ties in beautiful colors. I'm very satisfied!
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