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Spoonie Essentials Box

A Chronic illness Themed Self Care Pick-me-up Package, Delivered!

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3.6 of 5 stars
by Kit written Mar 29, 2018
Ordered in Feb. Haven't recieved my box yet this month. Tired to contact them all week by email, facebook (which tells you to email them) and phone (no answer). In faith I've paid for two months so I'm anxious about this $100 I have spent for nothing. I'm in chronic pain and I thought this box would be just the thing to give me a bit of joy through this hard time and instead I'm left with disappointment.
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Not worth it
by Olga written Mar 23, 2018
I would not recommend this box - I like the idea, and I understand the concept behind it, which is why I took the leap and tried it for a month.. Now, I ordered on the 22nd Jan, and only got my box on 23rd March. I emailed them a few weeks after I had purchased the box and they said i would be receiving the February box themed "diner in for two". I was a little annoyed to have to wait longer but excited to get it. I had to cancel my subscription straight away though because on the 11th Feb they were trying to bill me for the next box, and I didn't really like that since I hadn't even received my first box yet. I received an email from them (one of those automated ones) after cancelling and I explained the reason I cancelled was because a monthly subscription costs 39.99 + 22 dollars for shipping and that totals 61.99 which is far too much to pay for something I don't even know if I like yet.. And i thought if I did like it I would subscribe to the 3 or 6 months plan so it would be cheaper for me. Then I received a letter from customs in my country saying this box was there in my name and I wasnt even sure it was the right thing because they wrote so little info on this letter. I contacted spoonie essential box and they didn't respond for a week or two at least, and when they did they were kind of unhelpful. by then I had sorted out the issue on my own as best as I could. I know the box being stuck at customs isn't their fault but I think it was poorly handled on their part, I didn't feel like they wanted to help me. Then finally my box arrived, and it was NOT the box I was told I would receive (on more than one email) I got some leftover january box, because I follow their page on instagram and had seen those items on the january box pictures. That was my last straw.. I was so disappointed. I got a few things in the box i liked - a bracelet with "stay strong" engraved, and a print which read "netflix and ill" and a pair of pyjama bottoms which had a low spoon warning symbol engraved, and i didn't really like the colour of the trousers but they were at least spoonie related. Then came the items I dont understand - I got a box of raisins, which was clearly from a wholesale packet, a sparkly rubiks cube, with no brand, which made me think its probably from a dollar store, and although its cute it doesnt really serve a purpose. I also got some fuzzy socks which I thought were ugly and also seem cheap, because they smell like plastic, and it's not really a super special item. And the crowning jewel on this package was a white tank top (the plainest tank top you've ever seen) from Forever21 with a price tag still on, saying it cost 1.90$. Now, not only was this not what I was told I would get, I am absolutely sure this isnt worth the money or the hassle and stress it caused. I sent them an email with a picture of the products explaining what I said here too. I am not looking for a refund or another box or even a discount. I would just like to say that if you are considering this box, maybe try something else cause this isn't worth it. I'm sorry to say this, because I really wanted to like the box, but i just am not happy with this company. Also they send an immense amount of "newsletter" type emails ( a lot of times 5 of the same email) with spoilers of what will be in the boxes which I think is really against the concept of a surprise box.
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Stay away!
by Theresa written Jan 29, 2018
This box company is falling apart. I received only 3 out of a 6 month subscription and have been emailing for months about the rest of my boxes. I am sympathetic to the founder for being ill and understand that some things are out of her control. But I want what was promised for my money, without dozens of excuses.
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Critically important for the chronically
by C. written Nov 11, 2017
Being sick sucks. There’s just no real way around that. Those of us who are always sick to one degree or another build so many little coping tricks into our days to get things done that the general population doesn’t even think about before walking blissfully through their day. And that’s where the SEB comes in. It’s packed with tips, tricks, shortcut products, and practical staples that you may not have known could make your day just that much easier. Plus there’s always several reminders that you are worth fighting for and that giving up is never really an option; and reminders and products to help us be a bit more gentle with ourselves on those really rough days. This box is important. It addresses a need that has never before been truly acknowledged in the consumer sphere. Yeah, it’s late sometimes. And that makes it all the more perfect. None of us can ever be on time every time. It’s part of chronic illness just as much as cozy pjs and hot tea. I love so much that it was founded and is curated by a chronic illness warrior herself. It makes every item more real, more beautiful and perfect because it was chosen (& sometimes even handmade by!) by someone who truly understands and gets what the chronic illness experience really is. There is no other subscription on the market that is this personal and this special on the market. This box is important. I’m so grateful to be able to subscribe.
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For Spoonies, By Spoonies!
by Freiya written Nov 06, 2017
I was fortunate enough to afford a three month subscription to SEB. Not only were the boxes adorable with helpful and meaningful items, they were hand packed with care. An unexpected bonus with SEB is the fantastic community that Brittani has cultivated- I have met some truly wonderful Spoonie Siblings via SEB that genuinely care and show love, support, and compassion. I only have two minor nit-picky things that I hope improve. First, I understand that it’s a huge expense to curate, pack, and ship these boxes. However, as a company for Spoonies and by Spoonies, I wish there was a more affordable option for the box. $100+ for 3 months is steep when you’re sick... which leads me to my next and final issue with the box. On more than one occasion, a trip to my local Dollar Store or Dollar General would find me doing a double-take as a portion of some of the earlier boxes would have merchandise that is clearly from a $1 store. In my case, I received a makeup bag in my first box which was cute and held up well. Imagine my shock when I found the exact same pattern at my local store not a week later. *PLEASE NOTE : I love SEB. I love the dollar tree. I am not being nit picky about frugality! However, my disparity is in the price of the box and the quality of some items (that makeup bag didn’t last unfortunately for me, but I have a ton of makeup!). I will say that my last month of my box had a majority of quality & useful products, plus the amazing Kicking Sick book. I know that the “main item” can be a huge amount and that can end up affecting the overall quality of the box. I do know that effort has been made to ensure all items selected for a box are chosen with care, taking both expense & ROI into account. Find a happy medium - I’d prefer fewer quality items than a loaded box filled with mostly $1 store goods. As a business owner myself, I understand the process and I am not knocking SEB at all for it. Brittani is a driven and inspiring soul who genuinely wants to help her Spoonie family & I adore her. That said, happy medium = happy business owner = happy customers = thriving business owned by a chronically ill woman! The only reason I bring it up is that more than one friend have indicated this as a reason for not ordering. Why pay $X amount for a box when the box barely meets or exceeds the cost of it? A friend said “I’d order the main item online at cost then go to the store for the rest.” I’ve shown them the marked improvement in the quality of the contents which is enough to get them following SEB & seeing if they will continue on this trend - I have faith in Brittani’s business development and I will continue to support SEB & help grow the community as long as I am able. Hugs - Freiya, TMK
Love this box!
by Cynthia written Nov 05, 2017
I love this idea and everything in the box!
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by Deanna written Nov 04, 2017
I think the SEB box is by far the best! I've tried other boxes and they were a huge disappointment for the money. This box shows that Brittani puts her heart and soul into every item in the box. It's such a joy to see that box on my front porch and dig into to see what great treasures that I get that month. If you're going to get any spoonie box, I highly, highly suggest the Spoonie Essential Box. Worth every penny!
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Absolutely in Love!
by Colleen written Nov 04, 2017
This box is amazing!! I received items I can and do use. They are all relevant to chronic illness. I got amazing full-sized items, not just samples of a bunch of stuff. It made my week if not the month! It was thoughtfully put together, and I am able to get more of any of the items I need/want, right on the website!
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In love with this box!
by MackenzieArtz written Oct 25, 2017
This subscription box is such a wonderful idea! I was so excited to get all of the self care items in my first box last month! Most were things I would have never thought of or purchased on my own, but I’m using continually! My box came packaged so neatly and adorable, well thought out and themed! I actually changed my subscription from quarterly to monthly after receiving my first box.
Love this box!
by Cynthia written Oct 24, 2017
Perfect box for a Lupus person or someone with a chronic illness..it makes my day when it arrives...each item is special and relevant to life with a chronic illness The little extras are so thoughtful and make me smile.
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