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Total let down

Aug 03, 2019
Susan N.
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I was so disappointed with this. I got a tiny easel that I can use unless you have tiny things to put on it , 3 pieces of junky candy , stamps and ink. And thread bracket to mail to your. BFF. Such poorly made stuff. I can get better stuff in a dollar store.

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Sprinkles & Wishes said...Aug 03, 2019

In response to the above review. First and foremost, we are very sorry that this customer is so unsatisfied with her box. In the listing, we tried to detail what would be included in each monthly box. We included a mini easel because we thought it would be nice if someone had the opportunity to display one of the cards that the Wish bracelets come on. Since August's box was the friendship theme, and we always include 2 envelopes in case you would like to gift a bracelet, we thought alphabet stampers and ink pads would be fun to decorate the envelopes. We do not know what a "thread bracket" is, however, we believe they are referring to the Wish...

Junk drawer delivery

Jul 15, 2019
Elizabeth W.
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Greeting card envelopes without a card, broken string lights... junk.
Update - apparently my delivery was an anomaly. The curator contacted me and offered to send a new box if I sent pictures of the items. Unfortunately, I had already thrown out the items so I couldn’t accept the offer to remedy. I support independent business and would never want an unjust review to harm an entrepreneur’s success. So I’m revising my review rating based on the curator’s word that the half assembled box was a fluke.

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Sprinkles & Wishes said...Jul 15, 2019

I am very sorry that you feel the way you do about our box. We are not sure what greeting cards you seem to be missing because our box does not come with greeting cards. It does,however, come with 2 Wish bracelets that are attached to a 3 x 5 card. Those are the cards that go into the envelopes that came with the box. Finally, we sent an email to this subscriber offering to replace the string lights. We explained that they must have gotten damaged in transit. All lights were working when mailed. We tried to rectify this situation but the subscriber never responded. Customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority. Always!