Squawk Box

A monthly subscription box for birds of all shapes and sizes!

$34.95+ $24.95+ / month

Subscriber Reviews

4.7 of 5 stars
by Kathleen written 12 days ago
Our first box-so far all the toys are a hit! Only issue was that fruit treats didn't have a label showing country of origin. Look forward to next box-Christmas shopping taken care of!
My First Squawk Box
by Cary written last month
I just got my first squawk box a few days ago and it was so much more than I expected! I got 6 items (4 toys and 2 treats) and though I haven't given them to my birds yet, they are high quality toys and the treats are so fun and unique (Magical Unicorn Poo to be exact). It was Halloween themed and there was even a Bird Candy recipe! The box has crinkled strips of paper as filler that your birb can forage through to find the toys too! So fun!
Squawk Box
by Allie written 2 months ago
My two parrotlets always gravitate towards squawk box toys and treats in their cage rather than anything else! It is so worth it knowing that they will enjoy what's inside each month.
Bird box
by Daisy written 2 months ago
My first box, don't think it's really worth $40. Only got 3 items (2 toys and 1 treat) and one of the toys looked like it was made out of carboard and paper. Going to try it for one more month.
Been using these for months now...
by Wren written 2 months ago
And it has gotten to the point where my conures do a happy dance when they see me walk in the door with the box. Nearly every box has knocked it out of the park in terms of range of enrichment, and even with five birds I have more treats than I could ever use (I share them with other bird friends!) There have been a few toys that weren't loved by my flock, but they are few and far between. It helps that I have conures and budgies, so toys that are too small for the conures go right to the little boys. Definitely worth it. Your birds will love all the toys and treats!
June 2017
by Jesslynn written 5 months ago
Rope toy too small for conures. crisp sticks... I had really high hopes for this one but I tasted one to see why the birds werent interested (they would bite chew shake heads and spit out) and they taste like glue. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. Granola birds love (I didnt try this one 😂) Little toy with twine balls they love. They are scared of the bananna toy now but will tear the heck out of it later, so its a winner. We liked 3/5 items, so it gets 3 stars. LOVE LOVE LOVE, that you are donating to greyhaven, love them ❤
by Jane written 5 months ago
Lillie Mae is enjoying her new toys & treats.
by Jackie written 6 months ago
I received my first Squawk Box this month. I have two cockatiels with very different personalities. My baby Yoshi has already destroyed two of the toys and he loves it! My elder Romeo could honestly care less, but he only loves his one toy from when he was a baby. They both loved the treats. I love how a portion of the money goes to parrot rescues. It was a major selling point for me. I cannot wait until next month because the last toy will not stand for long!
May box
by Jesslynn written 6 months ago
I didnt like this box as much as the last one. I want more of the balls with the bells on them and the cute unique toys like the carrot toy from the april box. Its still a reallh good deal and my birds love it.
Awesome value!
by Bonnie written 7 months ago
I got a medium bird box and large bird box for my conure and Alexandrian parakeet and they love the stuff inside! They both love tearing up their toys to bits so it's nice to have something different for them to play with. Not to mention the treats are unique and a healthy additive to their diet :) Looking forward to next month's boxes already!