Squawk Box

A monthly subscription box for birds of all shapes and sizes!

$34.95+ / month

Subscriber Reviews

4.4 of 5 stars
Great January Box!
by louise written 31 days ago
Our 2 cockatiels enjoyed the recent box! The toys have been very size appropriate for cockatiels and the snacks have been devoured. We look forward to the box every month and will continue to subscribe!
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by Megan written last month
My little Green Cheek Conure loved her first Squawk Box! The quality and quantity of the items were excellent! Before I received the box, I was worried she wouldn't like any of the items since she has never been a huge fan of toys - but she LOVED EVERY SINGLE ITEM in the box!! Now I feel obligated to get her one when I can, especially for holidays. Highly recommended!
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Thank you!
by Susan written last month
You have made my African grey very happy. There was one toy, she didn't like because it was too much red for her. So my Amazon parrot got it and loves it! The other toys and treats my African Grey has her playing and enjoying her treats! Thank you again!!!
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by Terri written last month
Sent email concerning no box - very quick and clear response. Hope the box is as good as the customer service. Thanks!
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No box yet...
by Terri written last month
Ordered box 12/10, but have not received it by 1/6. Cannot find anything on account saying it's shipped yet.
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No box has arrived!
by Susan written 2 months ago
Please send me the squawk box!
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African grey loves the box!
by RachelPartain written 2 months ago
Surprisingly she isn’t afraid of the toys, which included a foot toy she loves chucking off the counter for me to pick up. Not sure if she will eat the food, but we will see! Glad I bought the long subscription!
December 2017
by Jonathan written 2 months ago
I just got the squawk box and I'm thoroughly impressed by the contents! it contained all thats promised and more! defiantly gonna be a long time subscriber!
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by Amanda written 2 months ago
Great box of goodies I'm sure my conures will enjoy. Thank you.
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Great Value, Birds LOVE IT
by Lindsay written 3 months ago
my birds love Squawk Box to the point of jumping up and down when I show it to them each month. Great value- toys I have not seen in pet stores, and healthy treats. Plus, giving to rescues makes it even better! A must have for parrot owners!
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