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Jun 08, 2019
Dorothy J.
1 Review
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Subscribed for 28 days

The very first box included one overnight style bag and a note pad. For approximately 34 dollars, I would expect more. Cancelling my subscription.

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Standard Dispatch said...Jul 29, 2019

Thanks for taking the time to write this review, Dorothy. We use feedback to improve each and every month. We understand it can't be a home run every month, but we are still sad to hear you were disappointed.


Jul 06, 2018
Heather L.
1 Review
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Subscribed for 19 days

Got this as a gift for Father's Day. My dad received a coozie ... not my idea of a quality item... most
exspensive coozie on the market. Feeling disappointed and a little embarrassed.

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Standard Dispatch said...Jul 06, 2018

Hi Heather. We are sorry you didn't like the item that was sent. We work hard to make sure each month includes something useful and durable. We included this insulated Koozie from RTIC because we were finding ourselves using it every day last summer to battle the Texas heat. Every month is different and we are really excited about the next two shipments.

I ordered for a guy who hates coffee

Oct 07, 2018
Allen C.
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Subscribed for 7 days

It's kinda nice. But we got a coffee press and some coffee. Which seems kind of silly to do, not being a food or cooking crate. What if people have preferences? I got this box because everything advertised was VERY general. Tools, notebooks, knives, etc.- all of these can be used by most anyone. Ours really missed the mark, since it was so far off from advertisement. Also definitely based on the buyer specifically wanting coffee- many people do not. I am saddened that this was the I purchase I made to show my friend that I knew him well with the style, only to be sent something that the and a very reasonably large amount of people dislike. Sad day.

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Standard Dispatch said...Oct 09, 2018

Thanks for taking the time to give your feedback. We have received lots of great feedback from other subscribers on this month's box, but I completely acknowledge that the French Press & craft coffee combo might be a little bit polarizing for those with strong feelings against coffee. We often use our French Press for steeping tea at home, so hopefully all is not lost. We'll consider this feedback as we develop future Dispatches.